My African Queen

My African Queen

Isn’t she beautiful? The way she laughs, Isn’t it fantastic? How the sun gives her a different glow. My eyes have lost focus on reality, She has become my new fantasy.

This sparkling love I feel, Has healed my dark and wounded soul. Don’t leave me, my African Queen; Cause I’ll be with you through thick and thin. Even in the blinding storms and wind, the light of our love will lead us through.

My very own jollof, The nature around us only enhances your beauty, Too priceless to be hanged on a shelf. We can’t  just be lovers? NO! You must be my soul mate.

Because as I stare at you, all I feel is inner peace. Someone  wake me up, I want to check if this is a dream; Cause if it is, then I always want to sleep, Never to leave my African Queen .

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  1. Well dang 😂
    I’m getting butterflies in my stomach

    You still stink though 🚪🚶🏾‍♂️

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