My Living Fantasy

My Living Fantasy

“Close your eyes, the picture will look better”, the photographer’s voice echoed in my head, as I shut my lids for the shoot, zooming back to my imagination, because right before me, my fantasy was becoming reality. I was finally getting married. 

As my lashes fluttered like wings of a butterfly to the blinding lights of the camera, I could still see him kneeling on that summer eve just to propose to me. This all seemed like a dream but my mother’s face was reassuring. It reminded me that I wasn’t acting as a princess character for Walt Disney. She has always hoped for this day and now her wish has come true. She was busy making sure everything is perfect, just for me.

“I’m done now ma’am”, the photographer mentioned, but I was already lost in a different realm. Looking down at the carriage I was in, which only reflected me beauty but nothing near to the excitement I was withholding. The feelings in my heart have been squealing and the emotions I felt in my head have been bellowing. I could feel the adrenaline in my blood rushing, I was already floating; but I have to stay calm and control my blushing. 

Truly this is a once in a life time feeling. Walking down that aisle and watching him smile. It sparks a flaming fire in your soul which enlightens your flow. Not withstanding, should ever the wind of sorrow blow, the love between my husband and I will rekindle our glow. 

“Jasmine! You’re gonna be late for your reception. Do you really want to miss your own wedding? Get off the carriage already.” My mother’s pitched voice brought me through from my thoughts and teleported me back to my living fantasy.

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