The Chase.

The Chase.

I couldn’t decide. Left or right? My hands were getting sweaty and I could hear it growling in a distance. “We’ve been running for an hour now”, Joshua said panting, “and it hasn’t seemed to have lost our tracks”. “Oh shut up!”, Stella said in a fit of range but whispering, “do you really want it to get us”, “Hey! I’m not the one that suggested we should leave the group and go down ‘Rickty Lane’ or did I?”, Joshua replied. “Shut up! Both of you, at least be quiet so Chloe could choose a path for us to get out of here”, Timothy commanded. I was still panting and I couldn’t seem to remember which way the map said we could go. “That does it! I’m taking the left. You all could go ahead, I don’t care”. Stella  said as she raged out in a rush down the path. “Wait for me, I’ll come with”, Joshua said as he followed her through the path. “Chloe, which path are we taking?” Timothy asked. “I…I don’t remember Timmy, Let’s go down the right path I guess, my memory is quite blurry”, “OK!” Timothy said as we rushed down the path. 

After running a distance, we stopped hearing the growling and saw an old cabin. There was a lantern lit and a garden beside it. “Some one must be staying here, let’s check it out”, I said to Timothy. We walked up the stairs and knocked on the door. An old man responded, “Who is it? I’m coming”. When he opens the door, he was shocked to see two teenagers  before him at such an hour; we explained our situation and he let us in for the night. He gave us some hot cocoa and a pillow and a blanket each to use for the night. I couldn’t help but bother about Stella and Joshua. Were they okay? Did they escape? Had it caught them? Did they make it home? So many thoughts, I was frightened. Timothy held me by my hand and looked into my eyes. He knew I was worried and his steady gaze gave me hope and kept me calm. We decided we would go out tomorrow as soon as the sun rises, to look for them. I shut my eyes to fall asleep; only to hear the noise of an alarm. I woke up startled at the fact that I was at home, in my room. I reached for my phone and turned off the alarm. I took a deep breath and said to myself, “it was nothing, but just a dream”.

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