The Time Traveller

The Time Traveller

Jacob had just left his cabin to fetch some fresh vegetables and biscuits from the store. He lived alone. Being a retired scientist, the government cancelled his projects terming them as paranormal, unclassified and un realistic. “Heavens have mercy, this rain is gonna cause a tsunami”, he said. Jacob didn’t live so far from the ocean, infact his cabin was at the edge of the beach. He made it home just in time before a lightening storm started. He made some hot cappuccino and sat in for the rest of the day.

Suddenly there was a blackout, it was getting darker outside, Jacob got a lantern. Just when he decided to take his seat, he heard scales barking in the garage. He called out to his dog, “Scales! Scales!”, but it just kept on barking. Jacob decides to checkout what’s wrong.

Getting there he saw a blue hole, shocked at the sight before him, he grabbed scales by the leach and began to take him out of the room. The hole grew bigger and turned into a portal, seemed more like a massive wormhole.

A man in black suit stepped out, he was dressed in a corporate attire with a coat on, a hat and a briefcase in his hand. Scales hid behind the old tool box. Jacob was shocked, he couldn’t seem to move anymore. He was dumbfounded. Countless thoughts ran through Jacob’s mind at the twinkle of an eye; from his attire he seemed like a business man, a dealer or even a detective. He just dazed at the image before him. The man from the portal seemed to have an high-tech wristwatch looking more advanced than his outfit.

The man approached Jacob. In horror Jacob moved backwards and missed his steps falling over the lantern he kept behind him. “What…Where…Who are you? What do you want from me?”, Jacob finally stopped stammering and asked. In a deep voice, the man spoke, ” Dr. Jacob Felix-Aubery”, “yes, that’s…me”, Jacob replied. “You are needed urgently follow me”, the man said. “Hey! I can’t  just follow  you, I don’t even know how you know me and you have not even answered my previous questions. Who are you?”, Jacob finally spoke, though his voice was shaken in fear he still had a little bravery in his tone. The man turned, facing Jacob and looking him straight in the eye. The man’s eyes were bright blue and pierced sharp like that of a robot. “You can call me, Jack. I am the Time Traveller; now follow me and no further questions”. The portal sucked both men in. The storm stopped and Scales was left alone in confusion.

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  1. nice story line but i think the grammar in the writing could use some tweaking, other than that kudos.

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