To be Me

To be Me

My alarm rang, it was 4 pm already and the sun was setting; but this evening was different. The sky fluttered with purple and orange linings. I stepped  closer to the window to see this beauty. The wind pushed the curtains upwards and outwards; and the ray of this amazing sun set fell upon me which gave my dark skin a different glow. Next to the window where I stood, I looked at my reflection but all I could see was depression due to my oppression; then I casted my eyes upon my shadow and all I could see was me.

A me that wanted to be free, A me that wanted to be happy, A me that wanted to roar, A me that wanted to soar, A me that wanted  to escape all this bondage, A me that wanted to be Me. 

As the sun went away, so did this magical sensation I felt within me. This extraordinary flow, it gave me a sense of tranquility. It made me feel like I could fly like the birds of this evening sky; I felt a sudden transformation. The colours around me only drew me closer to sanity, though I seemed away from reality, I was comfortable living in this fantasy.

Then it happened. The ray of the sun disappeared from my skin. It made me feel numb and dumb but the sky was still bright with pink, as if trying to give me hope. Upon that, I saw a star that glowed, it sparked my joy. My alarm rang again, it was 6 pm already, I closed the window, feeling anew. All the pain I had gained seemed to have fade. All of a sudden, I felt the urge to be me, the me hidden under all those fears, the me that didn’t care anymore about my peers, the one who became free to showcase her beauty, the me that wanted to be Me.

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