My Satirical View On Coronavirus In Nigeria

My Satirical View On Coronavirus In Nigeria

The entire planet Is being held hostage by an invisible and seemingly foe. It is a  wreaking havoc across the globe, spreading fear through communities.

Despite the cases of Coronavirus being on the rise across Africa and the whole countries. Majority of Nigerians don’t believe the Pandemic is real. They assume that virus is a new strategy for the government to siphon public fund.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has caused so many things to happen, some unpredictable and horrific. “A person goes to the hospital and lay a complain about his/her health”, you want to know what happens if you do that in Nigeria??

Well if such situation comes up, you’re been categorized and tagged as a COVID19 patient without proper medical attention.

Why do I find myself flicking through Twitter in the evening, alternately looking at the tables of COVID19 Death rates and Bidet memes? how can I find something so scary one minute, so funny the next?

The Pandemic has caused a lot individuals to be unemployed, making them stay at home with nothing to hold on to, palliatives which were meant to be shared by the government to the people are being kept in a warehouse, decaying and rottening, leaving the people to lick their wounds.

It saddens my heart to think about all these, What a world we live in??

I shall drop my pen now, Don’t forget, follow Adacares for more!!

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