Are you addicted to using your phone always? As a parent, do your kids pester you to get them a smartphone? Giving them a smartphone is also for security purposes right? And certainly a distraction to them. Then this article is for you.

It is no longer new today in our generation seeing teens together but completely ignoring eachother and at the same time texting one another through their various social media platforms. The impact of mobile phones on youth and teens is immense to the extent most teenagers spend so much time on their phone either chatting, making video and so on.

The latest development in smartphones have made it easy for teenagers to access any kind of information regardless of hoe obscure the content of the information may be. Smartphone can improve lives and so destroy.

The Addiction to smartphone not only by teens, even by adults is quite alarming. Phones are being used in the toilet, which is likely to cause harm to the body after squatting for a long time. I would not be kidding if I say smartphones are also used in the Bathroom to play music.

According to Research, a  12 year above individual already owns a smartphone. Although we are in the growing technological world and everyone should enjoy it’s benefits, nevertheless it shouldn’t be missused and take the happiness of playing outside and spending time with Family.

Most teens keep their smartphone nearby while sleeping to respond to text and calls and remain reachable around the clock, this may lead to sleep loss also causing harm to the body. 

The Addiction to Smartphone does not only revolve around teens and youth. But also couples, who retire to bed after a long day of work instead of them to converse about things, they switch on their smartphone completely spending little or no time with eachother.


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