The year 2020 has and will always be a remarkable year in the lives of Africand. The ENDSARS Protest has Nigerians activists, youth and Celebrities across the nation who took the street in a peaceful protest to spread the awareness of SARS Brutality and Extortions and to demand it’s disbanding.

The Protest also moved to social media using the Hashtag #ENDSARS.

Horror and shock are the two words to sum up how Nigerians feel after the people in Lagos, many of them coated in their own blood, wrapped with the green white green National flag brought in by the military men who camoflauged with it during the killings of the protesters.

The most remarkable horrific shooting happened at Lekki Tollgate in 20-10-20, the military men fire mercilessly on harmless Nigerians citizen.

There have been lots of uncovered explanation that is yet to best if about the massive killings, video footage from the scene shows those shooting were in military camoflauge uniform which the army alone is allowed to wear.

Now the question okay every lips is “WHO ORDERED THE SHOOTING AT LEKKI TOLLGATE?”

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