I Was Wrong

I Was Wrong

This wasn’t love at first sight because when I first laid my eyes upon you, I wasn’t attracted to you or even found you beautiful at that moment. I remembered being concerned about the pile of activities I was going to have that week and if you were the perfect one to execute the task for which I needed your expertise. That particular day I was so busy in my head that I couldn’t take out time to notice you.

Days later after one of our nights of rehearsing was when I began noticing that you actually were cool but I still wasn’t interested in getting to know you at all.
Fast forward to how close we’ve become in over a year and how you intrigue me with your charms. The way we switch from jokes to having serious conversations and how attentive you get while trying to pick knowledge from my brain or that of my friends.

How I look into your eyes and wonder how one person can be magnificent and wonderful!!! At that moment, I tell myself how lucky someone will be to have you all to himself one day, but just underneath my breath, I pray that I am that person.

I remain grateful for the reason our paths crossed and more to the game that started this.
The plan at the beginning wasn’t to get emotionally attached or become this consumed with each other. These days I find you being on my mind more than usual, wanting to be in your arms for the peace I experience and the love I feel. I take back what I said about you not being beautiful, I’m sure I did not use my glasses that morning for my vision had to be blurry not to notice a goddess.

I don’t believe any of us is at fault, maybe we both can blame our hearts for failing to shield us from such emotional and intellectual attachment.
I’m also scared, if there is to be any drowning, we will either drown or we will save each other.


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