The Villain Time

The Villain Time

Dear Eve,

I read your letter and it got me intrigued, for a moment I was caught speechless with words failing me on how to respond. I’ll like to first respond about him, who had you in his arms but failed to see the jewel he was blessed to have. I really do want to feel his pain and say am sorry for meeting you but his loss is my gain. I look into your eyes and know I definitely am lucky to have you be in my life. Since you captured my heart it’s been all bliss and I must say you’ve been a great blessing. I know the feeling I get when am around you, especially when you are cuddled in my arms or the moments I look into your innocent eyes and recount how much I love you.

Each time you have to leave my arms, I wish everything will just pause and allow us to enjoy our moment. The truth is we’ve both realized that time is the main enemy of our happiness. How it catwalks majestically when we are apart but seems to be in a hurry when we are together is a question that puzzles my mind. I really am beginning to think she (time) might actually be jealous of the love we share and how lucky we are to find each other this early in our lives.

It is also time that is responsible for how long we have to wait until we can be together and the journeys seem far, though endurable, but too far away. From the second we hug goodbye, is when I begin to calculate how long it is going to take before I have you back in my arms, where we can get lost in our own world and momentarily laugh at the villain time who keeps trying to do everything in its power to separate us. For each second we spend apart is one we won’t be able to regain and that feels too cruel for us to endure.

I really wish I can explain how badly I want to be with you or even how your gracious presence and voice brightens my day. This is a new feeling to me, one of immense want and longing that I never thought was possible, maybe in movies and books. You’ve captured all of me that I spend a great deal of my day perusing about the thoughts of you and wishing to gaze my eyes on your beautiful face. The feeling I get when we kiss is so full of passion and desire that leaves me wanting for more each time.

Now I have to count the hours until I next see you, get to feel your skin rub against mine, hold you in my arms, and kiss your soft lips.

Till my last breath, I love you, always and forever.


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