DECISIONS: Miserable (Episode 2)

DECISIONS: Miserable (Episode 2)

“Mofe says to greet you,” Kemi said with an undertone. Bola grunted. She should have known where this would be going. 

“Interesting. Does she know I need money?” 

“You can ask her when you call her.” 

Bola grunted on the other end of the line. “Anyway, I have this job interview today, and I do not want to go. Not that I don’t want the job o. It’s just…” 

“You can’t even put this one on being introverted, madam,” Kemi cut. 

“It’s not that” 

“Then what is it?” 

“I’m so nervous…” 

Oya don’t go. Stay back, miss your interview, regret it tomorrow, but don’t tell me about it” 

“Cool. It’s a deal. Bye then,” Bola murmured and hung up without hesitation. Kemi felt a pinch of guilt. She bit her lip. The pain reminded her that her lips were dry. She lazily picked the lipgloss from the other end of the table she sat on. Kosi stirred. He had gotten up earlier, while Kemi had been in the bathroom, and put on some shorts. Kemi didn’t think he was deep in sleep, but she had not disturbed him anyway. 

“Hey,” he said, after she had looked away and begun dabbing the gloss on her lower lip. She glanced at him, plumped her lip and smiled. 

“Good morning,” she said, looking at him now. He returned the smile. Kemi grabbed her phone from her side and dialled Bola. It took an eternity for Bola to answer. 

“I’m sorry,” Kemi said. “It was supposed to be sarcastic” 

“Okay,” Bola murmured. 

“What time is your interview?” 

“3pm. They texted” 

“Okay… I could come over, if you want me to,” Kemi offered. She heard a sigh. 

“If you want to,” Bola replied, feigning reluctance. 

“So… You’re going out soon,” Kosi said when Kemi was done with her call. There was a look of disappointment on his face. 

“Yup. Why?” 

“Nothing. Did you cook?” 

Kemi glared at him for a second. “If you’re hungover, there’s two packets of Super Pack in the kitchen. Cook, if you’re hungry. I’ll be leaving in an hour” 

Kosi said nothing. He got up and went into the bathroom. He came back two minutes later, dressed up and left. Kemi sighed. 

It had become so sunny outside. She felt the heat, groaning at the thought of another bath before noon. She flipped her laptop open. While she waited for it to boot, she grabbed the bottle of Chamberí she had kept by the bed last night. There was nothing much left in it. Will do, she thought as she gulped down what was left. She lay it gently on the floor and turned back to her laptop. She stared at it for a while. There was nothing to do anyway. She was only just about to scroll through her unfinished articles, make no attempt at completing any because she was out of ideas, possibly watch a movie and then, shut down the laptop halfway through. 

“Miserable,” she whispered. She left the laptop untouched and got ready to see Bola. 

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