Apple WWDC 2021 was live on Monday and it was full of events and plans Apple for its products in the nearest future.

Apple WWDC is a widely anticipated event in the tech space every year where it is expected of Apple Inc to make announcements about it product whether an updates or introduction of new products which could be hardware or software something both. This year event was based solely on softwares leaving some people disappointed as they expected hardware updates mostly an announcement about iPhone 13. Nonetheless, the event was full of new informations detailing important updates on their software ecosystem. I am going to highlight some noteworthy updates ranging from iOS 15 on iPhones to App development updates for developers.

The big announcement for iPhone user is the information about iOS 15 with introduction of new features that promises to add to the customers experience using the iPhone So, let dives in. The first feature announced on the iOS 15 update is the notification and focus mode. This feature aim to help users to manage their attention enabling them to strike the balance between work, family & friend, and leisure. Notification can be distracting when either users are using their iPhone or when working on the iPhone or other things, it tend to break attention. To solve this, iOS 15 allow user and help users in prioritize notification ranging from urgent to silent removing the noise. To further remove noise when attention is needed during work another feature was introduced know as focus mode,This, mode help to silent app that doesn’t require urgent attention during work period and further place notifications and app based on users situation which could be family, work, friends and sleep mode. All these are put in place to help users maximize their relationship with family & friends, work experience, and maintain good sleep condition.

Another perk in the new iOS 15 is text recognition from any where, be it from
Photos and cameras which allow user to capture text and carrying some function like search, send, and share the text. This work exactly like Google lens but with a little twig to it.

Siri wasn’t left out of the updates. It was announced that Siri is now independent on any third party influence and can now run offline thereby, reducing the risk for invasion and increasing privacy. It also implies that more can be done with Siri.

Another big update on the iOS 15 is the Facetime app which now allow sharing of screen, music and even live videos from Apple TV or any other streaming service while still on Facetime. It was claimed to bring family and friends together even when at a distance from eachother. It also allow calls between iPhone users and Android user that doesn’t have Facetime app on their phone as it now function on the browser to enable connectivity. It’s doesn’t end there.

iCloud was also included in the updates as it users can now have alternative log IN to reduce or eliminate loosing the access to the cloud services when the user can’t recall their password. It also allow user to add some family members to their trusted list which can asked to help recover password and access to iCloud storage.

Apple further reinstate their stand on privacy, introducing a feature called Relay which further hide user online identity by putting them on multiple online address protecting users from aggressive data collection. This will be part of the new iCloud+ service. Users will be allowed to choose their preferences on every app about the amount data that can be harvested from their phones.

Photos was also updated with new features like memories to help profile photos into beautiful memories which can be shared among love one’s with help of AI putting the right music from Apple music along with the photos to create a memory. The music attached to each memory can also be edited by the user.

Apple went further in caring for its user with the updates on Health feature which keep track of your walking steadiness and balance with aim of reducing falls. It also keep track of heart rhythm, glucose level, energy profile and some other vitals which can then be shared with your medical experts in a well details formats. Sometimes, these informations could be overwhelming making it hard to focus on the important records, so, Trends was introduced to summarize and show changes in the vitals information with time stamps. Sharing of health vitals information was also enabled between families as a user may want to keep track of the health of their love once like parents and children.

Well those were the key improvement made to iOS with iOS 15. In subsequent post I will point out updates on other software in iPad OS, Mac OS and watch OS, coupled with comparison with Android move to win customers. Stay tuned.

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