Fuchsia OS may be Google answer to Apple dominance.

Ever heard of the new OS Google is working on??. Your answer is probably no. About a week ago Google didn’t make a loud announcement but silently notify Google home device Nest owner that their device will be operating in a new OS which will be some kind of test for the newly built Operating system (OS). 

The first rumours about fuchsia OS was made known about three years ago with a little beta version allowed for some pixel owners. Since then nothing have surface about the new OS until the notification given to Nest owner. It is believed that Google is building this new OS in-house from the scratch and independent from Linux system which all other operating system are built upon. The new OS promises to start the universality Google product have been lacking which the Cuparcino based competitor Apple inc have successfully integrated into their products with their own Operations Systems.

Though, Android OS have shown some promises in integrating universality in all platforms but it’s still lacking some important premium feel. Google currently control Android OS, chrome OS, and now fuchia OS. 

I won’t be surprised if pixel phones (Google phones) uses fuchsia OS in the nearest future, differentiating it from other phone, like the iPhone to provide premium feel to its customers. Google have been making moves towards self sustainable development producing it’s hardwares and softwares in-house. Late late year they announced the production of in-house Google SoC just like Apple M1 chip enabling the development and optimization of software to their taste and preferences.

Will Google ever create a universal ecosystem in their software and hardware ?. We will see in the nearest future.

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