Politicization of Everything (A myth called Freedom)

Politicization of Everything (A myth called Freedom)

The Politicization of Everything By The Big Guns

Politics exist in as many as two people and it is an important aspect of human social life. It could be used as a tool for development or destruction, the human race can’t function properly without politics. It ensures that every human performs some duties as prescribed by the social stratification which in turn come into play as a result of power which could be intelligence, monarch, strength, and beauty. Some have been unfortunate to find themselves at the lower end of the ladder not by choice but by nature while others have placed themselves in this position by their actions. Same can be said for people at the other end of the ladder who find themselves in the position of power.

The top is very tiny and yet holds so much power, power enough to control the life of the base with decisions made in an arrangement. This tiny top makes its large base believe they are doing things to better the life of the masses and also project the idea of freedom to them by putting down some laws and called rights and then adding some chains. These chains are there to violate your right and put its base in a state of vulnerability. The word freedom is being used by the base to condone themselves in the hope that their right will one day be exercised. In reality, the word ‘freedom’ is a myth as everyone is tied up in one chain or the other by nature and also by the tiny top of the society.

In every supposed act of kindness by this tiny top is an hidden agenda for the need to keep the base in dependency. Every humanitarian work has been used as a tool to turn the table to their favour. Both international and local humanitarian bodies are usually designed to enrich some people and keep the base poorer.

The battle between the bua group and cacovid can be seen as a battle among the tiny top individuals jostling for positive opinion of the base which inturn might benefit their personal goal. It is also a move to serve the top before the base and enrich some people’s pockets as the former displays transparency which isn’t a normality.

I think it is better for the base to understand that as humans we are naturally all about ourselves and every action we take is mostly to better ourselves. It is natural for a human to self centered to some extent and put himself first before others. And forgo the idea of freedom, even nature tends to put things under some restriction.

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