Hello, Brother


Hello, Brother
Even though distance tears us apart
I dwell in your heart
You dwell in mine.

In all seasons
When I needed someone to talk too
You were always there

My brother,
You were a star.
That remained clear
For all to see
Even when they did not agree

A precious gem
That the world didn’t enjoy

You are a sunshine
Cos I know you

beautify the sky. 


How wonderful living is
With souls like these,
That sow lovable spirit and gracious heart.

I know you are staying with the Most High
Where you will forever lie.

The world may not find
people like you
that can heal the world with stainless love
Not again!

Even the devil runs away,
from souls blessed by Yahweh.
As he would say,
Your brother was a way
For the world to feel the change.

As words did not express how much I loved you,
I’m sure,
no word can express how deeply I miss you.

You will always be in our hearts
Where your memories lie.








I say hello from down here
I hope you hear.



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