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Today is Wednesday already and I still vividly remember my optimistic self on Sunday’s night trying to plan out the week. Before this, I realised that it is either my goals for the week that remain unfulfilled or I ignored the goal completely and enjoyed the week as I felt like. I am glad I now know that it is a wrong approach as it deterred me from having a fulfilled week and also boosting the motivation for future weeks. Now, that I am almost done with the goals for the week, I decided to share the tips I am using. If you have tips that work well for you, feel free to continue using them. If you, on the other hand, still struggle with fulfilling your schedules for any week, be nice to yourself and try these out.

One is having a plan. However, remember the difference between a plan and a detailed plan. Remember that SMART methodology? Yes, it works here too. So, make sure your plans are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Put a deadline on all your plans and you will find yourself fulfilling them. If no deadline pushes the pressure to do the tasks in you, you will feel relaxed as you believe you can always do them anytime. So, start making your plans SMART.

Also, be reasonable. Remember, there are just 7 days in a week. There is no need to put in so many activities. If you have any pending task from the previous week, attend to that first. Know today that you cannot achieve everything at once. Also, remember the goal is to achieve each task successfully. If you can only do two perfectly in a day, do not include five that will end up not being fine. Make sure you are smart and true when making your plan for the week.

In addition, make out time for yourself: Listen, many plans fail because we forget to remember ourselves in our plans. I have seen so many reading plans that do not include time to eat, recreate or time to take a snap. I am sure robots take a break too. So, why should you not? From now on, never forget to include yourself in your plans. Make out time to eat, recreate, rest or do any other activities that will invigorate you, ensure you don’t feel pressured and keep you motivated.

Next, review the plan at the end of each day: Try to review Monday’s plan before Tuesday and ensure Wednesday’s plans do not frustrate Thursday’s. Again, at the end of each day, go through the plan. Note the plans you achieved completely, the ones you are almost done with and those you didn’t do. Reviewing your plan at the end of each day will ensure you don’t make the same mistake the next day and you will discover nicer ways of achieving the plans for the next day in the process of reviewing the plans.Ā 

Lastly, fight procrastination: Now to the panic that will ensure everything I have been saying fails. That is procrastination. I have experienced that feeling countless times and I have left some works unattended too for months. You know what? No advice can help you fight procrastination or laziness when you are not ready to. So, try and motivate yourself. Be self-disciplined and see reasons why you should ensure you follow the plan. Lastly, reward yourself every weekend for a job well done. That works wonderfully.

Finally, know that success only comes from something you do constantly and improve on. So, practice these consistently and your desired results will be achieved. You want to say ‘thank you’? You are welcomešŸ¤—.

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