First of all, let me reassure you. Competition is part of human nature, so you are not entirely wrong. Every man is expected to be motivated by competition. Competition should keep our head high, ego raised and be a driving force for progress. However, putting competition above growth and success is wrong. Competition must not put you at a disadvantage of fulfilling your potentials while you are at a race with others. Be a part of those people who have grasped that being competitive is channelling that energy to personal development and achieving success rather than competing with people around them. So, know your onions- reasons why you should compete only with yourself to achieve the goals you have set.

It enables you to measure your success- just to remind you that there would always be someone better than you. Oh, you know that already? So, “run your race.” Use the time you use in competing with others to rather measure your success, plan towards achieving it and make committed efforts. After doing these, you would be convinced that your success will always be right on time and in the perfect state for you. So, don’t walk in others’ feet. Be bold enough to walk in yours.

Secondly, you get to know what you are good at and also focus your attention on that. Another hard truth is that there are some things we are extremely good at and there are some you still suck at (that is not your strength). While you spend most of your time trying to compete with others for what you are not too good at, why not focus on your strength and become an authority in it?

Similarly, when you let go of people’s expectations and walk in your path, you define your success (what you want to achieve), how you feel about them, how you will achieve them yourself and how you choose to live your life.

Next, it gives you independence. When you compete with yourself, you are, essentially, dismissing other people’s judgment or measure for success. You are not subject to them nor do you answer the questions they set for themselves? You have only yourself to work on and develop. Questions like ‘am I working hard enough?’, ‘am I doing everything I could possibly for the life I want?’, ‘What way can I become better?’, ‘What else can I do?’ and not how is my friend achieving her dreams? How I can be like her? Maybe, I should also do what she does? Knowing your onions- your true self- will enable you to reflect on your growth, also strategize for your success and ultimately stop you from using other’s yardsticks to measure your success, that is, you will stop comparing yourself with others.

Finally, it provokes Focus: If you stay focused on what you are doing, and your own journey, you will inevitably keep improving. The day you lose focus about your goals, you will start walking in other’s path and your happiness may be dwindled. So, know your success now and start directing your focus.

If you have been comparing yourself with others, please stop. It is impure for you. Rather, reflect on your journey so far, make committed efforts to achieve them, track your success and continually set goals for yourself. Stop the comparison, you are disappointing yourself.

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