“Purpose: How It Defines Us”

"Purpose: How It Defines Us"

Every inventor has an end in mind when creating something. The makers of the Apple IPhone had an intention for making the phones. Also, God is the maker of all men and he had a purpose in mind when creating each of us. We all must endeavour to know what God had in mind before creating us and ensure that such purpose is fulfilled by us. It is a popular belief and saying that we are all here for a purpose. Two midnights ago, as I was in bed, I was just begging God for help as I asked Him to help me fulfil purpose considering the fact that I will soon be out of school and I don’t want to be lost in the rat race in the outside world. I believe that, every reasonable man who desires to live not just for himself must have thought that way before too.

Purpose as defined by the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is the aim or goal of a person; what a person is trying to do, become etc. Our purposes define us as individuals. My purpose can be understood from what I lived for and what defined me while I was here after I am long gone. It’s however unfortunate that many people chase after what the society term success which is not true success. We now have more selfish individuals who are all about self and self preservation. We all just want to get a degree, a good job, raise a good and comfortable family then go the way of the earth. What a pitiable life!

It’s so pathetic that our leaders who are to see their offices as an avenue to fulfil purpose and make impact are all a bunch of self centered individuals who don’t care about the populace but themselves and their families. We all have a role to play to make our world a better place by tapping into the passions within us and affecting the world around us. Purpose goes beyond us as it makes you do things for others and not just yourself. What a person gets in return is a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

It is painful how society has defined “success” in terms of monetary riches and affluence. When secondary school leavers seeking to gain admission to the university to study law are asked, “why law?”. They reel out the old answer of wanting to fight for the rights of people especially the less privileged. However, the question that begs for answer is, “if that is what obtains in the real world?” How many innocent poor people do we have dying in our prisons monthly if not daily as a result of them being undefended accused persons. Where are the lawyers who promised to fight for these ones? Yearly, the Law School graduates over two thousand lawyers. What happen is that we all go after the money and comfort and ask, ,”who helping the less privileged help?”

Reading through John Grisham’s ” Street Lawyer” , which narrates the story of a anti trust lawyer who wasn’t finding fulfilment in his job. The pay was quite rewarding and attractive, he could pay his bills conveniently and have some pounds to save but there was no joy until he joined a smaller firm that fights for the right of people on the street. His standard of living dropped drastically as the pay in the new firm was not handsome as the previous one. His wife divorced him claiming that he had lost his mind and his parents and siblings were mad at him. But, he enjoyed his new found life and was doing pretty well. The guy discovered his purpose and chose to live for it despite the fact that it wasn’t rewarding financially. Faith Oyedepo said, ” Discovery of purpose is the greatest discovery anyone can make about himself”. How many people died regretting the life they lived on their death bed and the fact that they didn’t to some things they were created to do but allowed themselves to follow the definition of success as postulated by the society.

I believe the organisers of Tell have a sense of fulfilment by sharing their knowledge on writing with us. If they had put themselves first and what they stand to benefit, I believe they wouldn’t have put this idea together. However, life should not always be about what we stand to gain but much more about what others stand to benefit, thereby, contributing our own little quota to the world.

In conclusion, every man as God’s product should seek to know by looking within and discovering what he is passionate about what he would love to be defined as long after he is long gone and what he hope to live for. After this discovery must have been made, steps must be taken to fulfil our purposes as we are all defined by it and our uniqueness is brought to fore by contributing our part to make the world a better place and not by conforming to the standards set by other people.

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  1. Nice subject of discourse. I like how you alluded to John Grisham’s book to make what you’re saying relatable. It’s nice. However, you need to work on your sentences. A good number of them are too long – you kept joining them by and and,… Try to keep your sentences moderate. I’d say 16 out of 25

  2. Good evening Miss Adedeji. Your essay was one of the lengthier ones here and I must commend you for that.
    It’s not my place to comment on your structure (Habeeb would handle that) but I feel your definition of purpose could have come a bit earlier in your work. Having to read it at that point distracted me a bit and I somehow never got back on track.
    One key element of creativity is consistency, i.e. consistency in tense, person etc. You went afoul of this rule at certain points in your essay as you kept switching between the past and present tense.

  3. Of 25, you have 15.

    You may want to work on the placement of your punctuations, especially the inverted commas.

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