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   O Africa, Beautiful and perfect woman you are!                                    Beauty they say, is in the eyes of the beholder                                      Nay! Your own beauty oh Africa is universal                                ’cause perfectly you were moulded by the moulder 

  In your eyes, even when closed,    I see beauty no one can enclose  Your beautiful eyes when opened keeps me enthralled                        and I sit at your feet like a loyal dog, thralled!

  O Africa, Beautiful and tranquil woman you are!                                  At one breath, your nose exhales tons of serenity of dioxide enough to extinguish bouts of burning bitter rage in the hearts of mankind                    and when exhaled , enough to forge ahead plantkind. 

O Africa, Beautiful lips you have!  When you smile, thousands of sad hearts are enlivened, this is no braggarts                                       your lips when parted speaks undiluted good,                                 undiluted good ’bout your goodness                                            good things your lips speaks, without bind,                                     out of the abundance of your honest mind.                                   

 O Africa, perfect dentition you have!                                                    Sparkling white your teeth are, than the whitest of all snows are  on your teeth are laughters of mirror                                               that rid you of terror and horror                                             whilst you grin in the early morn.                                                  Your teeth screams happiness than any horn                                    to the hearts of every man born.  

O Africa, your beautiful ears hears no evil                                      though some speak I’ll of your seed                                                       tis higher than the Kilimanjaro    and rid you of any doubt and makes narrow

 O Africa, glistening like the waters of Mississippi is your perfect skin                                         soft and tender like a newborn skin                                                       for your smiling skin, could an uncouth sin                                         for your smiling scintillating skin,                                                     the west is enticed to explore          to explore your other parts as a decorator                                              for your skin, my loyalty can never sink                                           for your beauty in unity we speak                                                    for our freedom from fierce fetters.

O Africa, when you move in the street of life                                         many loving eyes glare desiring you for wife                                        your aura and personality keeps them enchanted                                for your safety offers they their lives, decapitated!                            Your beauty o Africa, stands you out high                                              your frontline stance in the world is nigh                                      when you move, accentuated your beauty becomes                      every step you take, a perfect creature I recall                                 many of your peers envy you.   ’cause of your unique personality                                         which speaks smiling reality         among your peers rising and shining                                                your beauty undisputable               keeps you rising soaring, inexpendable.  




















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