The Creative’s Journey

The Creative's Journey



The creative begins the journey

transforming imagination to close reality

It begins with a thought, a whiff

An idea creeps in, 

a child’s laughter unlocks some hidden memory

A random thought strolls in,

a philosophical question yet to be seen


Excited, with frantic steps, rapid breaths

Pen to paper, brush to canvas

fingers to computer

Fighting, in a bid to get all ideas out

Before the famous ‘artist block’ comes in

Without knocking must add,

how rude how mean


Developing, turning chords to form a tune

Drawing, filling branches from the stems and roots of thoughts,

Plot twist here, second stanza there

The creative pauses

Anxiety, discontentment

To start over or abandon the project



The battle is fought

The creative wins

The story weaves on

The tunes begin to click

no longer resembles a doodle

nor a blob of clay

The battle is fought

The creative losses

Throwing away this attempt

He’ll live to write (draw) another day


The end is near

The last chapter in progress

The bridge being formed

The last touches put in place

The creative smiles,

The thousandth mile passed

Interesting yet laborious


Now will he take another journey

To protect this

Interesting yet laborious

from leering hands

who have not been on the creative’s journey

and cannot tell

that sweat is not separate from gain


The creative’s journey

has come to an end

He must sit and enjoy

gain not separate from sweat

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