“She was the source of Energy,centre Star that Glows and as far As she smiles there is Hope for The Galaxy,But now She is a Black mirror in her Face I see My self Dancing to the tunes of my Dark flaws…”

My thoughts diverged,

As a Single Soul carries the light,

The light to Lighten the Burden of many.

But the Darkness in me will be my destruction,

Nothing within can be a reconstruction,

For I orbit around similar Mistakes,

Living in retrogression,

Woe unto the Lethargic Rays touching my soul,

breaking me from reaching the yellow side.

The Light is now the Darkness,

The one to create Imprints is now full of scars from travails and endless thoughts.

Pains gathered From all that switch Sides on me now hunt like the Night’s Demon.

Energy is lost,

The star now peeps from the dark hole,

the Darkness sieze all fair race from reaching.

Behind every dark tunnel there is light,

For how long will i stay in silence?

I have spectrums of visions shinning forth my torn mind,

Will they not get dashed?

when will i actualize all that make stay woke like the Dark Gotham’s Night.

I need to stand and fight 

not with my might

For I can not break my self from the eerie things I Do.

Questions to my self still floods my mind,

Still on the Grind.

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