I was endowed with a friend, a projector, whose duty is to bring my gorgeousness to humanity – swiftly without bruises and patches. Yet, I was not heard, none – felt my presence – I was disfigured, tinted and slowly I was murdered. Have you wanted to become what you are now? Do you really know who you are and what you are made of? Do you really know what your purpose of living is? The answers to these questions will change with time or experience. 

We all get despondent from time to time. It happens on the heels of a great success or victory. When we lose a job, we don’t just lose our financial security; sometimes we lose our identity and sense of worth as a person. The way you think about yourself, the way you are viewed by the world are the characteristics that defines you.

Nevertheless, so many of us have adapt to the styles and ideology of our “Role models,” not knowing the consequences of our decisions. We have transformed to be a different individual, drifting from our passion, our purpose and aspirations of who we truly want to be. George Eliot said, “It is never too late to be what you might have been. ”

However, let’s take a look at a man who introduced himself to be an Engineer; mere looking at him, one can tell his area of specialization, with his fingers looking so dark like a charcoal, liquids from his skin and other element has turned the then white garment to – it was white. You need no panel of judges to pass a verdict that this is an Automobile Engineer. 

In addition, looks can be deceiving, whenever we take a glance at the mirror, we only see our good looking cheeks, white shiny teeth’s and the self made being. Behind the scene lies an inner core, values, beliefs that’s yet to be discovered and developed. Just as John Wesley put it, “I am an arrow, I have been shot from eternity, and I am passing through time and heading back to eternity. I have one goal and one goal only to pass through time successfully, and to arrive back in the eternity accomplished. ”

Though, we were only a code with basic instincts, a “Tabula rasa” like Aristotle said. Then, the environment, the education, the people, started to write on this empty tablet which you are, but one thing remains; your awareness of being – that never changes. “Many great ideas have been lost because people who had them, could not stand being laughed at. ”

According to John Mason, “Being different is your Greatest asset. Don’t be afraid to be you. ” Your passion, interest and what you love talking about are the building blocks of who you are as a person.

Still, “of course you cannot know a man completely, his character, his principle, sense of judgment, not till he’s shown his colors, ruling the people, making laws, experience, there – is the test. ” said Nelson Mandela. If you limit yourself only to people who think exactly like you, you’ll never grow personally. Instead of looking for those who conform to your opinion, you need someone who loves you enough to challenge your opinion from time to time. Why? It is because, you still have a lot of learning and growing to do.  It is estimated that even if you had the genius of Einstein, you’d still know less than one percent of all there is to know. And if you were mega-talented, you’d only be able to achieve less than one percent of what can be achieved. 

In sum, you are shaped by what you love, the people you roll with, the garbage you take in and what you settle for. You need to stand for what you love; believe in yourself and be the real you. “Our situations should not define us ‘we should define our situations. ’”


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  1. I like your diction and your paragraphs are nice. You seem to have a fair use of analogies as well. I’d give 19/25

  2. Nice diction and paragraphing but with regard to creativity, I honestly can’t say the same.
    I was lost at your introduction and while you exhibited some skill at using expressions to convey your thoughts, the fact that I struggled to find meaning in your work cancelled out the effect.

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