After all of the fights , after being strong for long,
Here is a warrior alone in one of her dark moments,
Here she is, focusing on recovery and , seeking utmost peace.
Here is a little baby girl who deserves pampering in all aspect and manners.

Rather, Life has tossed at her , a lot of issues far beyond her little self and comprehension.
Admirably, the little one sprang up and rose above allbchallenges. She became stronger in the face of battle.
She was as fierce and severe as the troubles she encountered.

She comes back “home” to cry out, all of her heart’s content.
It is okay to take a break, dear little warrior.
Sniff so much and cry out the pain in the dark, like this little and strong warrior.
In the end, she gets stronger and stronger.
The forced adult has to go through this process;
She fights hard, cries alone in the dark moments, then rises up and fights harder.
It goes on and she keeps up, staring confidently at the finish line.

Between the struggles,
Love growth and all of it’s processes, It is to a beautiful end!

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