It was on February 26th and as usual, all four of us headed straight to my house immediately after school hours. My house was just three streets away from my school or maybe, our school. Quite a trek able distance it was.
My name is John and my friends- Tolu, Segun, Mary and Michael (the two are twins). We all live in the same estate and for about two or three years now, it’s been our normal routine to always head straight to my house after school hours. There we do all our assignments, play and gist, and on most days, eat lunch too. We sometimes talk about the future especially since we got into senior secondary school three.

This unfortunate Monday afternoon, we got home and my mother was in the kitchen preparing lunch while my father was still away at work. We all greeted her and headed to my room. Earlier that day, I had told my friends about the new discovery I made in my father’s room during the weekend. I found something inside a box on his wardrobe. He had always said not to touch the small box but that never went well with me. After he left for the mechanic workshop on Saturday morning, I went straight into his room and eventually, I got my hand on the ‘special box‘.

The well polished wooden box had no lock on it so it was quite easy for me to open. In it laid an object carefully wrapped up in a white piece of clothing. All these while, I made sure my mother was already on with the normal Saturday laundry, so no one else was inside the house. Did I tell you I am the only child? Now you know. Back to the object, I carefully unwrapped it and I was wowed! “What is this doing here?” I said to myself. I probably wanted to scream but I just could not. Father had a pistol! “It must be a fake one”.

I returned the pistol and wrapped it up the exact way father left it and I returned the box. My friends were wowed when they heard about my new discovery. They so much anticipated the closing bell. “John, since your father is yet to be back from work, why don’t you show us that thing before he gets back” Michael said. Not thinking twice, I rushed to get the box and I was back in my room within a minute.

I opened the box, unwrapped the pistol and held it in my hand. “Woow, this one is a cool stuff. Is it a real one?” Segunasked. “I doubt so” I replied. Micheal collected the pistol from me and pointed it straight to my head. “Raise up your hands, you thief” he said and everyone else laughed. Although Mary seemed not to care as she was busy playing a game on my laptop. Tolu on the other hand was enjoying our ‘scriptless drama‘.

I took the pistol from Michael and pointed it at him (his head). Segun insisted on touching it too since I already did but I told him to wait for a few minutes. I told Michael to get on his knees and he did so. I pulled the trigger and then fired a shot. I lost almost balance and almost immediately, I heard a loud bang. Mary stopped the game immediately, Segun’s hands were over his head and Tolu screamed as loud as she could. Michael’s forehead was gushing with blood and I stood there in disbelief, shocked, devasted and stiff. Mary rushed towards her twin brother and held him. She shouted his name so many times that even I can’t remember. “You have killed him” Tolu said silently.  I guess she could not scream for a second time. The pistol was still in my hand when mother rushed in.


I stood there thinking, “is this happening? The pistol is real? There is a bullet? Why does father own this? Is he really dead? Will I be killed too?”. I had too many questions in my head that I did not even notice when the ambulance came around.  The next thing I was conscious of was a policeman putting my tiny hands into the cuffs and leading me into the police van already parked in front of the house. Then I saw Michael being whisked away in the ambulance as I entered the police van.

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