Can be tricky. It is one wondrous word that puzzles the mind of a bard. Irony and fate plays mixed roles. At times, you find out that you once dated your sister, or that you have an irresistible crush on your brother. You may have loved a girl at the bar who turned out to be your mum, or had employed your dad as your staff. Such are cruel things to do especially to unhumane uncontrolllably object as I am. I committed the most beastly act.
It was a Saturday evening, the breeze lifted the curtain gently and the window closed and open again. It was awry but I was drunk to notice it. Minutes ago Sanusi had called me that ‘slaymamas’ would be coming to the bar tonight, I had hanged up the call and promised to be there in a bit.
My room was a bit wounded, bottles thrown here and there. I was drunk in my home. The club tonight isn’t a pleasure to be missed, even though getting there would be another problem but I was determined. I lived up at Agunbelewo. A flat. I crawled to my wardrobe and put on my shirts. I looked at the wall mirror but my head was turned upside down; perhaps it is what happens a night before a taboo is commited. The veranda was silky with the smell of burnt rice – my neighbors are the worst partners ever.
I journeyed to the bar, it was grumpy, rough, risky but it was full of life. I saw different animals who had two legs but they minded their affairs. I wondered why. One time I saw the cloud with a smiling face, I had never believed the cloud was a woman not until I saw her weak shoulders, and her protruded chest. I saw her plaiting hair; with legs crossed, sitting on a wooden chair with friends, and her face carved into a smile. It was one mad ride, but the passengers and the driver did not seem to enjoy it, the driver just hissed as I gave him the bus fare, and the face of the passengers were distasteful.
I barged into the bar and everything lasped into decorum – I was popular. Everybody started hailing and shouting ‘Hassan! Hassan!! Hassan!!!’ then the bar gradually lasped into it’s former glory as my name continues to recede to the background.
I remember going to the stand; requesting for tequila. I also remember meeting Sanusi with three agile ladies and a particular fair woman smiling at me and gigling at every unreasonable thing I said.We had the same long prickled nose which was another joke that night. She sat on my laps as i called my favorite hotel if there are any VIP rooms left. The remaining memories is a total blackout.

What I see now is a fairly old woman kneeling at my feet telling me she was my mother and was pregnant.
It was total blackout that night. I wondered who was at fault, Me, This old woman or Fate, or the three of us should be called to the judgement of the unquestionable keeper.

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