She flicked the switch on, the bright bulb illuminated the room. A black leg stood amidst white legs and they were all tucked in either black or brown sneakers. Smiles brimmed on their cheeks as the glass cups clanged and wine poured freely. Jefferson; simultaneous with the clanging of the wine glasses led ‘cheers’ and everybody followed the chorus. The room was small and a bit out of shape, the girl they surprised grabbed a wine glass and was poured a good quantity of Tequila which she gulped down without smiling as the others. She didn’t feel she was the one celebrated, like they were just adults smiling at themselves while she melted away.
Today was her birthday and the day the last patient of the pandemic was cured. She wondered I it was a big success but it seems it is. Jefferson; her dad is a young man who believed in enjoying the little time they have, he had taught her that and it was their mantra when the virus first broke out. Her father widened his arms and took her in his arms, but Isabelle’s face was indifferent – even though she is an eighteen year old girl. Jefferson drew her face gently, he kissed her in the forehand, even though her forehead was dirty; he didn’t care, he just weeped into her arms.
Isabelle stared at the people standing – survivors of the plague – they had hungry looks, and if she hadn’t experienced a week or hunger she would have said they looked like skeletons scavenging on dung heaps. One was black – a man who seemed to be a friend – Isabelle bumped into him as she made a run one day far back into the past. He is two years older than her and it gave her up that things with her will start being normal again. She wondered if things would really get happier. She just pretended to enjoy things. Jefferson moved to the window admiring the city in pretence, he wondered what he could do to make Isabelle really happy. She had suffered much and had seen things which can make a soldier whimper. Wally – Isabelle’s companion – came to him at the window and wished he could see through Jefferson’s cold eyes but what he saw was pain covered up with emotion.
Isabelle stood at one corner sipping her third glass of wine. She wished if she could ever be given the grace to be happy. The Universe had plans for her. His brother walked through the door; he was older and his dirty clothes made him looked older. Isabelle dropped the wine glass and it smashed on the tiled floor, she wondered if she had lost her mind to seeing ghosts in daylight. Jefferson first couldn’t recognize him from a distance, he pulled his Magnum revolver; rolled it and pointed it towards him. Isabelle told him to wait and slowly she moved closer, tears already in her eyes. She touched his head and waited for him to disappear but he didn’t
“Sis! It’s me!” He said bursting into tears. Isabelle’s cold metal face dissolved into smile as she cried. Jefferson stared from afar unable to recognize his own son.
“Dad! It’s your son” Isabelle yelled. Jefferson moved in like manner and hugged them both in tears. He was happy that he didn’t lose his son to the pandemic. Everybody stared; some with tears and some heartily smiling as they watched Jefferson’s family hug. It’s happily ever after at last.

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