It was the countryside of Havana, it’s a town heavily surrounded with water, at times when you go near the sea, it may begin to roll, and it may makes you think that the water is after you, not until you look back and see it rolling away, Ebuka had been in Cuba since he was 20 and today was exactly 4 years since he came to work as a contractor in Cuba, his contract expired today, but before he would go to the airport, he had promised himself to take a picture of the sea at it’s angriest, his apartment had faced the sea, and the moon was seen on the sea at night like a pretty woman behind a mirror, he wished he could see the sea in the afternoon, or just go near it to snap pictures with it, it would be his gift to his family at home, of course they would be surprised, how could water be as angry to roll on people and kids even, ‘Amadioha must be angry!’ he had thought when he first saw the sea 4 years ago.
He couldn’t snap it at its closest, but a distance picture still did the trick, it captured houses that were touching the tip of the sea, ‘houses like that must be built on irons’ he thought, he only cared for the health of automobiles, he knew nothing about houses, he was only a specialist for anything that moves.
He lived at Niger Delta, a city of oil, Dede was the person he missed the most, Dede was his junior brother, and he missed how he had always jumped on his shoulders, and also admired his child-like character, he was a type that didn’t care about life issues, most of the time, he would go out to the garden and hug the stars, that was his character, Ebuka thought about these things until he landed, he rushed with everything on his way home, he even gave the bikeman his fare without collecting the change, he was really happy. He was in the bus normally headed to the Ogi market, he wondered why they were trolling towards Western oil company, well he was going to pass through the company before he reached his family compound, the driver stopped at the company’s street and dropped everybody including Ebuka, he wondered why policemen and securities with big big guns were around, was there another robbery? Maybe, there was a cultists clash? He passed them by and trekked towards his house, their family compound was empty (if you have ever been to igbo land, their houses were huts in the compounds and were built in sections) maybe there was an oil leak again? Now he figured why he met policemen on the way, ‘maybe there was violence?’ he said aloud, he dropped the bags that weighed him down and ran to the regular place of the oil leak.
What he saw was heads in halfs, there had been a fire, it seems the leak had exploded, he saw Dede’s half blown body staring back at him, his mother wasn’t far away, homecoming he thought was going to be a thing proclaimed across the stars, his home had rejected peace, and stood guard against tranquility, he somehow knew it wasn’t accidental, his heart shook and it almost choked him, he knew the government officials and representatives from Western oil would appear again offering dollars, he knew they would come to offer them money to dig graves for their dead, he somehow knew his home had been infiltrated with strangers who will deatroy the joy of his homecoming, he knew what he had to do was fight the impending nightmare until his bones brittle and break, he wasn’t crying, he wouldn’t cry, until he had destroyed the impostors who has destroyed the joy of his homecoming.

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