That year was crazy, the sun was suddenly mad. It would suddenly brighten the day and when the farmers had fully prepared for work, you will see it again running back to its cage whilst scorning our souls. One day a man suddenly got up, went to the market square and cursed the day.
Aduke was a young girl, the youngest and smartest in the family. She is a girl with a small stature, a bright eyes, tiny legs and long hair. She walked briskly heading to the stream to fetch for the family and to have a brief bath. She liked it when she had her bath in the stream, even though others might be watching but she wouldn’t care, she just wanted to let the cold water seep through her fingers as she wash herself with it.
The path she passed was the shortest to the stream; most girls would have not passed the route. There have been rumors of people being kidnapped on the path, but she wasn’t scared. She didn’t have to since she will be running through. Her parents had warned her not to take long before the fierce spirit that torments the land to not meet her on the way. She had nodded and had promised herself to be as quick as possible, but there is a thing that pushes man to follow the easy way; it could be fate or desire.
Her water pot was strapped beside her waist and for the first time she felt the phobia of suddenly soaked up by the evil spirit. She knew it was real but it felt risky and her fearful sole ran through the path. She saw a woman at a distance, she wanted to turn back at first but she was almost at the stream and the sun was already setting (the people believed that the spirit comes out mostly at sunset), she would run past her and if she tries to pull her hands she would jab her aside and make her way through. (She is good at that as she had tried it often) She wondered if it was the best thing to do but it is too late to turn back now.
The woman turned and faced her, she wouldn’t look, she would run without looking at her.
“My child!” she shouted, and for the first time she believed her thought which suggested that she could be the ‘evil spirit’, she ran beside her with her trembling feet.
“My child; am dying!” she shouted again and that scream stopped Aduke’s trembling feet. She was reluctant, but still she couldn’t resist the voice of an old grumpy woman crying out for help. She helped the woman and removed the trap that pierced her leg, she demanded if she could leave but the old woman told her not to worry about fetching. She was adamant at first but when the woman seemed so serious as if there was a jinn waiting at the riverside. She agreed and the woman followed her back home. Aduke’s parent thanked the old woman for accompanying their child back home and the woman went her way.
The following morning, Aduke set to fetch water before the sun would show its despicable countenance. She saw Men, Women, children even the elders of the town filed before the river, some women stood at one corner; crying, while the brave men entered the river to pack out the dead fishes and some carried the woman Aduke had seen the day before. She was dead, wounded, and not breathing, and her wounds were deep, some men believed she was attacked by robbers, while some elders believed she was attacked by spiritual powers.
Everybody waited patiently as the chief priest stood to address the people. The chief priest said a battle had ensued at the riverbank the previous night (his statement was a followed by the women sighing) and the woman whom they carried seemed to have battled spiritual powers. He said everything that if any human had seen the spot of the battle or sees the combatants, will surely die. Aduke went back home weeping and since that day everything had gone back to normal as it was in the town of Ayedaade.

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