MayHem day 1 – Apocalypse

MayHem day 1 - Apocalypse

MayHem Day 1

‘Close your eyes baby girl’ papa said, we were on the roof when it all broke out, papa said the Government had mistakenly let loose a terrible virus, and it had spread so fast, though papa said it has been affecting cities before, but the media has been covering it.
I remembered vividly, I was sitting in my room, scribbling on my notepad, my face fumed against itself, Mama yelled at me and I hated it, I heard a loud bang, I thought Mama and Papa was fighting again, I couldn’t interfere, I had been warned not to, I sat down there wishing Papa didn’t wound Mama, a red substance sprinkled on my notepad, I had thought it was Davids’, my junior brother, but it seems I was wrong, it was Mama’s hand laid beside me, showered with her blood, I saw a freak, and a leg in-between it’s teeth, the legs was in Mama’s knickers, the freak looked like being possessed, I couldn’t scream, it came for me, when Papa came and grabbed me as we made for the window.

Papa’s eyes was wet, his eyes almost sunken, I asked Papa where David was, and Papa said, he was in the room, I knew Papa was lying, I knew David was in the freak’s belly, he had eaten my little bro, I only watched them in movies.

Papa called them Zombies, Papa carried me on his back as we made to the roof, Papa said all was going to be alright, but I knew it wasn’t going to, It could have, if I hadn’t seen Mama’s leg dangling between teeth, it would have, if I can think of my little bro, without thinking of him as dead and in the belly of the dead, I stared at the big wide world, I stared at New York City, it had been overtaken by the dead, cars filed like millipedes, nobody cared about those again, ‘we need to survive’ Papa said, it was MayHem day one.

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