MayHem Day 10 – The hustle is real

MayHem Day 10 - The hustle is real

He bent the camera, and pressed the green button, it started beeping,
“This is the tenth day of the outbreak of the virus, I made it here but Alabama was a dead end, it is infected, it is casualty out here, the infected had overtaken the place, the news house, the barack is desolate, no guns, no weapons, only a few dead armies, some would have turned,…….I could be the only man on earth as far as I know, the county sheriff is nowhere to be found, he may be infected also, or might be dead, the station was full with violence, bullet holes, and a few dead officers, I saw a few tech in the station, I’m trying to join wires, I don’t know any crap about techs but I think am learning, am gonna try and set up a transmitter, it seems they are here…….bye…..bye and over…”
He pressed the red button and quickly hid in a room and locked the door, he had survived a day without food and water, and barely with saliva, he passed out once before dawn, h had squished himself in the sheriff’s cabin, he didn’t know he would but he did, he could have guessed so, the infected had swarm d up the county, and he found himself in the innermost part of the station, the county’s office, the window was transparent, he barely breathed and most times he held his breath, he remembered when two infected came into the office, nobody taught him to hold his breath, he held it, and his heartbeat raced through the room, one mis-step or just one shaky breath, he’s gone, you know that feeling when you are stuck with situations and the best thing to do was to keep still, when you couldn’t fight back, or make suggestions, or sue the other to a law court, things were real as it used to be now, the hustle the universe ran on behalf of us, the reason why the world is surrounded by darkness and struggles to breath on a sea without limit, anytime he thought about those moments he would feel himself suffocating.
He stayed in the room until he could no more hear them, he had lost his rifle that made him feel safer, he only had a combat knife that he stole from the barack, he wondered how life had changed so quickly, the cars he admired were gone, if there was any human left, all what they would care about was hustling to survive, and dying a good death at 40, the jet he had always admired was of no use, there was nowhere to fly to, he opened the door gently, and saw them hoarding off, he went back inside, laid on the floor, he hadn’t sleep for 4 days, even when he took a nap, he always saw people gored, flesh torned, he would be going round Alabama to check for any survivors, he refused to believe that he’s the only person in the whole world, if there was it would make his journey easier, if they had weapons, they would be able to fight off some and run from the strong ones, the hustle is real, it was the first time he worked for himself, he isn’t going to meet food on the table, he had scavenged on dung heaps, he isn’t going to go to the bar now, he would reap water off the dry land, he’s going to lick the sweat off the forest grass, it is MayHem Day 10 – The hustle is real.

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