MayHem Day 2 – Staying indoors

MayHem Day 2 - Staying indoors

MayHem Day 2 – Staying Indoors

We stayed indoors, Papa said we were going to do that for a short time, but I hate to hear Papa lying, I saw those graves out in the open, opened on the streets, it’s Armageddon out there, I saw half-eaten corpse stop struggling to move, snarling, being a freak that it is, I saw them scavenging on dung heaps, snarling, even now, I hear their screams, and it is making me crazy, I remembered the shrieked of a little black girl, at the mercy of a blood-thirsty beast, her parents had turned to one of them, she yelled from her compounds’ , I told Papa to save her, but he said, she was already dead, I hated that, and the girl looks innocent, but I guess innocency is not what we will survive this pandemic with, I guess, it is by being bold and ready to survive.

I sat on the chair, reminiscing on those troubling horrors, Papa laid on the table a corn flakes, we burgled a nearby house, it seems the lord of the house has either turned to one of the infected or has made a daring escape in the sighting of the infected, blood, entrails, a scene of gory, that was what overshadowed the house, I told Papa it was uncomfortable, but he said, out there was uncomfortable.
Now, this meal is another death served with love, I couldn’t eat, I remembered how Mama shrieked before she wounded up in the belly of the infected, if she were here, she would have told Papa to give me something better, Papa was not the best dad, he’s the kind that comes in the middle of the night and goes before dawn, he’s the kind that comes back home drunk and to stupor, he’s the kind that Mama drives to court every fourth Wednesday.
I stared at the brown wooden door, Papa stood beside the closed windows, with his rifle, peeping every minute, and each minute taking a deep breath, I wanted to remember life before the outbreak, but I couldn’t, without remembering how journey before we got here, we lived at Houston street, beside Miss Thatcher’s home, now I couldn’t recognize the street in whom I grew up, everything looked the same, New York is isolated from life, and the remains of life had been locked in the dungeon of extinction, it was the first time Papa cared for the family (or rather I, his family), I stared at Papa watching as he peeped again, Papa had sinned, he killed a guy, when we approached the street, an infected cane at me, but Papa shot him point black, and I hated that he would revoke all his teaching about being a believer, and I hated him for that, it was MayHem Day 2 – Staying indoors.

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