MayHem Day 3 – If Tommorow Never Comes

MayHem Day 3 - If Tommorow Never Comes

MayHem Day 3 – If tommorow never comes
If never never comes, I would drink of the parting glass, I would beckon to my Papa the parting glass, for the universe as it is is not for the unsatisfied, I am satisfied with living, there isn’t much to live for, the world is no more at peace, New York the epicenter of the world is in desolation, peace has been broken into shrapnels and scattered across the desert of life, Papa took (or stole) a recorder, he told me to hold it up high, I had to climb the wooden chair, and Papa counted 1 to 3, before I press the designated button, 1….2…..3, I pressed the button
‘This is a live broadcast, the day is April third, 2020, this is the third day of the breakout, the infected has filled the streets, we are hemmed in, in a house….’ an infected growled outside the door, perhaps, they had been suspecting something, after Papa took a deep breath, he told me to adjust the camera to the view of the infected, that it would make the recording more emotional, Papa wasn’t scared now
‘We are trapped in a house, we are barely surviving, I have a kid with me, and she’s sixteen, she would have been a college student now, but……..ahem, please, if you are listening to our live broadcast, the CDC, army or something, it’s barely a week, and it’s worse already……er…er…’ an infected banged on the door, and it disrupted the whole recording, Papa told me to stop the recording, and I pressed the red button, I ran to Papa, and Papa grabbed his rifle, he moved his hand stretching his fingers, I knew he meant that I should give him the camera, I gave it to him, and he dipped it inside his pocket, he went beside a hole in the door and peeped, an infected shrieked, and he jolted himself to a side, he started to hyperventilate, he whispered that I should crouch down, I knew and stayed that way, until Papa whispered again for me to rise, my knee was domant for a second, and I had to straighten it for a second, Everything had calmed down, we both sat down on the table staring at our brows, hyperventilating, Papa looked at me like an adult, my uniform was bloodstained, stress on each our brows, I stared at the wooden table.
A loud bang opened the door, Papa sprung up, held his rifle firmly, as the infected rushed into the house, it was the first time Papa shot at man other than his forest deers, he wasn’t using tranquilizers this time, it was the metals he locked up in his safe box, ‘Baby girl! Run!’ Papa yelled, the infected rushed on him, and he had to run the other way, there was another way upstairs, I had to run up the stairs, an infected followed me, he growled as my feeble feet climbed the steps, i didn’t know what to do if I got up the stairs and there was no way out? Would I jump off the balcony? Hoard of the infected was crawling down the ground level, would I face the infected on my tail alone? Would I scream for help? Papa wasn’t beside, I guess, I would have to choose any options, or I would be brave enough to not fight and give myself fully to death, it was MayHem Day 3 – if Tommorow Never Comes.

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  1. I like the way you painted the picture so clearly… I hope this doesn’t become our reality

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