MayHem Day 4 – Boredom

MayHem Day 4 - Boredom

“Papa!” I yelled, my feet racing than my heart, hyperventilating, I tried to breath so as to figure out what to do, I would have, if some blood-thirsty flea is not on my tails, I would have if I wasn’t running towards a dead end, they growled behind my back, I looked back, there were two of them, I think Papa drove most of them away, since he continued to struck an iron bar against another iron, (I think the iron across the other stairs, I couldn’t see), I knew I had to do something, if I keep up with my speed, am gonna reach the wall in less than 10 seconds, my heart counted, 1……2…….3 what was I going to do? 5……6…..7 would I jump off the balcony? 9….I reached the balcony, I turned, they came running, I glued to the balcony, in tears, this was supposed to be the time that I made use of my taekwondo skills ( if I had learnt one), Papa told me to take Mr Alfred’s classes, self-defence classes was what Papa called it, I hated it, Papa told me it was advantageous in case of a rape, so I could defend myself, I had this believe, what comes to you is what you are prepared for, I didn’t want to prepare for rape, I wanted to be a good cheerleader without adding violence to the mix.

I sucked my breath, and thought hard, I was going to see Mama and David this moment, the words that came to my mind was ‘Oh universe take my soul’, I would be brave enough to not fight back, I would give in fully to the horror, I closed my eyes expecting a bite, a clawed face, half-blown skulls, or something they showed in the horror movies, ‘Baby girl! Fight!’ Papa shot from the other side of the balcony, the bullet struck the infected closest (or fastest) to me, the other one growled, his eyes transparent white, I closed the door to the balcony, I held the door with my legs, the door wasn’t going to hold long, I looked at Papa, he was struggling with another infected, I picked a pen, stucked in the pocket of my blouse all day, I moved closer and stuck the pen in it’s eyes, it growled louder, it didn’t yell for pain, it just stood there, hands strectched, it’s skin almost peeling off as it struggled with the aluminium bar, the other eye looked as someone in deep pain, and in hunger, I saw a cold dead, human, inside the shell of his eyeballs, I still managed to see humanity almost wiped out in his eyeballs, I had to hide, before it’s friends hear about his plight, I stared down, it was far down, if I could push it down, it would be paralyzed for the rest of the day, I released my leg, gently.

My heart racing simultaneously to the lust for blood I saw in it’s eyes now, I held the door with my hands now and released it suddenly, it rushed towards me, I swerved, and it went over the balcony, I quickly bent, as it’s body thumped on the ground I ran over to look at it, it’s leg are turned the other way, I could still hear it growling, scavenging for food, among others, the other infected looked up, I gasped, I turned away, ran inside the building, going downstairs wasn’t an option, jumping over the balcony was a suicide attempt, I heard them growling, and it seemed they are near, their voice echoing in the very recesses of my soul, their voice struck the old thickly brown walls of the ancient house, it seemed their voice crawled over the air that filled the house, the scent of death on every creaking doors, on every old step, on every unsafe shelter, on every scared kid, now, I feel the remnants of the landlord pleading for vengeance, Papa and I had been separated, now, the Earth’s calamity now torments my existence, their steps now thump on the stairs, it echoed violently, it seems they have heard the groans of the infected who fell down the balcony

I saw a nearby wardrobe, it’s color, brown, silky and ancient, and the edge of it, with cobwebs, I scurried into it, I thought I had left my skirt outside (I felt light now) I closed the door of the wardrobe, I tried to lower my breathing but it suffocated me more, I just let my lungs do it’s thing now, the infected rushed in, it’s a hoard of them, like a Zombie storm, I peeped through a hole in the wardrobe, I saw them scavenging, growling as they moved, I saw even a kid about the age of my brother, amidst them, she had been turned, it was a girl, and it looked pitiful, they were dragging their legs, it felt real now, I sat down in the wardrobe and folded my legs, I waited in the wardrobe for hours and still counting, the sun had fallen, and the twilight spreading it’s fingers, I always thought staying at home was boredom, but when I turned myself around in a wardrobe, groping for air without making a sound, I could mark the differences now, they were still waiting outside the wardrobe, stagnant, growling everytime a bird shrieked, I was hungry now, if they wouldn’t leave, I guess I would leave this hole, and make a run for it, it’s about time it gets bumpy, it’s MayHem Day 4 – Boredom

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  1. Mehn… I’ve been waiting. Thanks for delivering the ‘horror’ in style as usual

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