MayHem Day 5 – Fear

MayHem Day 5 - Fear

My breath still shaky, the sun had fallen, the twilight had shone it’s fingers, I had not eaten, my lungs, my foot, my hands was what reacted the most, at times my foot feels like being on an electric wire, at times, my lungs wouldn’t take in air, and my hands was shaking every minute, I had to think of a masterplan, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t, not when the infected are crawling and dragging their feet across the room, I wondered what I would do if I had to pee? I wondered if I had to let go of the (little) corn flakes I ate? Those are the things which crossed my mind, I liked it though, I like that I thought about those things, at least it kept my mind off food as long as I thought about it, but it rather doubled the fright in me, I wanted to sneak-a-peak, to check the situation out there, darn it, they are still there, all over the room, one was piercing the wall with it’s fingers, and it’s nails falling apart, their bodies were so soft, and looked like a body in cremation, it neither groaned for pain nor desist from letting it’s nails fall apart, it looked like I was watching horror movies that I never had the courage to watch, I would always run to my room and hid under the bed sheet whenever the show was getting incredibly fearful.

A bird stood on the balcony, they rushed the bird, including the dead kid I saw, they toppled on themselves as the bird flew away, I wondered what would have happened to the bird, if it had been bitten.

The door of the wardrobe creaked, I had enjoyed their show too far, they all looked backwards, including the little kid, I froze, did they heard the door creak? Can they sense me? Did they look elsewhere? They kept dragging their feet towards the wardrobe, I wanted to close the door but I mistakenly slammed it, their growl echoed alongside the door, I felt doomed, I would have made a run for it, but if their are others coming up the stairs, and the ones at the balcony attacked with their teeths out, that would have been a suicide attempt, my hands was shaking at the cancer of the door, my heartbeat raced faster than my hand, I couldn’t close the door, the growl of the infected came lurking, streaming down, like how a forest snake crawls into a small apartment hole, my heart froze, I took a deep breath, it wasn’t calm still, they banged on the door, (it was fortunate that the house was ancient and the wardrope was fixed into the wall).

I shrieked more, and it felt my  heart was going to escape through my mouth, I pinned my back against the wardrope (wall), everytime they banged, the door flunged open and each time I managed to close it back, I don’t know how long am going to last? Or how much of horror I could endure? Even if my flesh was going to be divided between their teeth? My hands were on the door, each time I closed it, I felt weaker, and those times I whispered silently for a guardian angel, it was MayHem Day 5 – Fear.

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