MayHem Day 6 – Life isn’t ice cream

MayHem Day 6 - Life isn't ice cream

“Arrgggghhhh” I screamed, I held the door firm but I don’t think it was going to hold long, for Everytime they pushed I felt more closer to the next thing as dying, if there was any guardian angel, I wished it came sooner before this freaks tore me apart, I wouldn’t think about much since there is nothing worth living for, life isn’t easy, it isn’t an ice cream, Mama told me this idiom when I was much younger but everytime Mama asked the meaning, my hair was what suffered it, I scratched it severely and always wished I could remember those tiny little idioms, now those words are stucked in my head, their are times when I tried so much to forget about the words, it seems my experience these last few days would suffice, since the breakout 6 days ago, life has produced horror, the forest has occupied it’s trees with bitter leaves, I went to the river of life (in my imagination) perhaps for a sip, but it tasted like a wine mixed with vinegar and I had to o spit out the only hope of a brighter tommorow.
I closed the door but it wasn’t easy, I had to punch a dead in the face and it felt awkward (that I nearly broke my wrist), it’s flesh broke and it seems glued to my fist, I slipped down the wall, sobbing, as they continued pounding the door, I sobbed till when water refuse to come out from my eyeballs, I knew it was time I found a way to get out of here, the hook of the door had started to shake, and a hook at the top left was already removed, maybe I should make a run for it? Maybe I should stay calm and try to lower my breath? Maybe, just maybe, if I could strike some, and jump over the balcony? I wondered why there are no clothes in the wardrope, a wardrope is where clothes are stored, but why would the house owner not store clothes in his wardrope, perhaps, when he left he left with a full-packed traveling box, a Toyota car in the garage, lots of children saying goodbye, car revving, cheeks carved into a smile, and a white smoke casted over their sight, those were by-gone, now, this father must have packed his children’s head in the bag, held her wife’s hand, faces carved into horrors, memorizing the eulogy of death, and a motorcar would be a suicide attempt, he would go to the backyard and bury himself alive.
I’m done thinking now, I’m making a run for it, and I’m surviving, I know life isn’t ice cream, it produces horrors of different shapes and sizes, and their are times when the best option is to give up, but if the universe gives up, then am stronger than the universe, it was MayHem Day 6 – Life isn’t ice cream.

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