MayHem Day 7- Near Death Experience

MayHem Day 7- Near Death Experience

My breath was shaky as I was approaching the steps, what if they had ambushed me? What if they’ve been expecting me to run into their fangs? Those were the thoughts that soared through me, they’ve been on my tails, dragging their feet across where I’ve ran my legs through, what if how they growled drew the others to my position, I was facing a glass window, beside it was the staircase that led to the parlour, I had to jump, if I could jump, I may be able to outrun them, what if I broke my leg? And they come tripping over, there was no time to think, I neared the steps, they’ve filled the steps, dragging their feet slowly, I saw one, saliva was fuming out of his mouth, i looked back, the fierceness of their feet echoed throughout the half-wooden decking, I jumped through the window when an infected came striking with fangs out in the open, ‘arrgghhhhh’ I groaned as I landed on the ground, falling headlong into pain, I looked back up, they were peeping through the broken part of the window, I had broken my leg, a shrapnel had pierced it too, I struggled backwards dragging my leg on the floor, the house has been crawling with the infected, they climbed each other, and they began falling down, down to the ground, the shrapnels pierced some in the back, some in the heart, it seemed as if nothing happened, the hunger was still registered on their faces, they fell on each other, there wasn’t a good house to run into, all the houses looked ancient and desolated, the once beautiful colors had turned to dark brown, and was faded.
I dragged my feet away, kept on crawling, surviving, hoping to enter the nearest house, blood was squishing from my knee down to the toe, I removed the shrapnel violently than gently, some infected had already stood up and others were still falling, dragging their feet, growling, the smoke of burnt buildings has been hovering over our heads, and night was upon us already, their growl towered through the night like the howl of a wolf, my brow was getting heavy, and my intestine felt like being squished and strangled with a soft polythene everytime I walked or moved, I crawled belly-halfdown into a building, it was dark, I locked the door behind but still I could hear their voices plastered on every old wall, lurking in the dark, an old lamp was burning on something who looked like a dining table, the light was as low as a candle burning at night in a desert, one would hardly see a fang open wide at one’s face, i crawled to the dining room, and carried the half-blown lamp, I guided the lamp with my hands, and sat beside the door that led to the back (from the dining), I placed the lamp beside me, tore the lower part of my blouse and tied it across the bruised part, I watched it once in a movie that it reduces the blood and fasten the blood-clotting process, I sat beside the (exit) door, listening with my eyes closed as they banged the door, it was MayHem Day 7 – Near Death Experience.

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