MayHem Day 9 – Stranger things

MayHem Day 9 - Stranger things

The water is running, he had inhaled heavily anytime mucus tried to elope, his rifle was beside him, and everytime he felt uneasy he would stand and punch the wall, he was in the bathroom, doors shut, and heartbeat crazy, he had wished for the clothes of heaven, and the universe had rejected his offer and accepted that of a beggars’, he went to the tap and washed his face with the cold water, he sucked his breath in that he almost swallowed his spit again, he sneaked outside, with his rifle pointed, his breath plastered on the iron, he went upstairs, checked the broken window again, ‘she wouldn’t have survived it’ he muttered, the ground was filled with blood, it could be hers for all he cared? She could have been dead? Or eaten? He imagined going in the street on a dark morning and seeing her kid’s leg at the roadside, or her carcasses in a pit by the roadside, he wasn’t seeing her little girl as a college girl again, somehow someway she’s seeing her as a girl with thatched soul, one who would never recover from the plight of this virus, he had began to wonder what future lies ahead, a future with kids dead and laid on the street, elders on schedule for dirge, morning bird purchasing coffin for the night, the owl who torments the heart of the night, shall not come home this night but shall leave this land of pestilence.
Tears had began to foam again, a month ago was a different story, this night, he would have been at the local bar, bottles would have tumbled upon each other, then the barman would come, to talk to him about his bills, this night would have accommodated another horror, he would have staggered off his seat, and attacked the barman, or molest girls at the bar, by now his jaw would have been broken, and would have went home, and beaten his wife, he regretted it, and strange, but this are stranger things, having to wake up to meeting half-bashed head staring at the morning sun, having to walk on the street covered with nose masks to prevent the infected droplets into your mouths, nose or any opening, these were stranger times, he walked up to the balcony, placed his rifle beside him, straight-up, and his hands akimbo, he breathed in but noticed that the air wasn’t oxygen but suffocation, he felt the air tickle his nostrils, there were burnt vehicles around, which illuminated the street, it felt that he could see the world but the world isn’t worth seeing, the seat of power had been destroyed, he would be seeking shelter elsewhere, and with hopes he might see her kid, laid teeth ridden on the streets or torn and shared in between teeth, he would he passing through Alabama, he knew his risks too, he would not last the night if the sun closed up it’s lid on him on the way.He brought out a walkie-talkie, and placed it beside his mouth
“hey, this is Mr Jefferson, a resident in New York and a survivor of the virus, this is April 9, 2020, I don’t know if you can hear me, CDC, Army or something, Any survivors, New York has been infested with the infected, it’s a red zone area, I recently lost a girl, a sixteen year old girl, with brown hair, blue eyes and about 4feet tall, I have searched for her but am staying strong, am heading towards Alabama, if I could get to Genesee county, they could transport me to the CDC, i repeat, New York is a city of ghost, it’s a red zone …..Over and out”
He picked up his rifle, rebuckled his shoe, and prepared to embark on the long scary journey, it was MayHem Day 9 – Stranger things.

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