Have you died before? Have you known what it takes to live around family and be regarded as a ghost? I don’t think you have, and if you had it can’t be as disgraceful as mine. It was a cold day, even though the sun had struck the earth with heat, and is saw every scared of the earth, yet it was blind to see the shortest glimpse into what dark future awaits me, we came back home like every other normal family, with the family car that sounded like a bull awaiting trial, I and my siblings alighted from the car with our school uniform, it was like any other fridays where we run to our rooms roughly changing into mufties and going back the house to swim, we ran into the house, my mum and my stepmums sat in the parlor watching a movie.
They smiled when we came in and we knelt (or prostrated) and we girls went to the room, we had changed into our mufties before my stepmums said we should eat first, that the food was almost done, we sat on the 10 seater dining room, both my mum and stepmums were in the kitchen, it seemed like waiting for eternity, my stepmums finally came through the door with a covered bowl, it seems it’s time that we get ready to demolish, we got ready our tractors, but who appeared next was my second step mum, with only her tight, she tied no wrapper, and the way she looked was like someone who had lost something precious “Fire, Fire!! Fire” she yelled, now we understood what was happening, the fire engulfed the apartment within minutes, Papa ran into the kitchen in hopes to save my mum but the fire rather roared until it filled the whole apartment.
I only saw smoke and my dad carrying my mum in his hands, half his body is burnt too, my arm also had caught fire, I blew it and beat it with my palm, but it rather got bolder, before the fire brigade could rescue us, my body was half burnt, and i heard that I went to coma for two months, when I woke, my mum and dad were in the a state of permanent unconsciousness existing after death, they called it Oblivion, but I call it proper justice.
I had lived since then as a living ghost among men, my stepmums and siblings who unfortunately were not burnt scorned me everyday, and made me feel awful, I had imagined my death thousand times over, soon I started to dream about my neck being hung on a fan and my legs dangling, at times I would almost suffocate in my dream. It has been this way and I lived it knowing that one day, everybody is going to find my body with veins cut, or neck slashed, or neck hanging on a ceiling fan, I had lived in Oblivion – a state where the society forgets who you are, a state where the school authorities reject your admission and forgets your extreme brilliance, a state where you are regarded as the society’s trash, a state where your dreams suddenly turn to nightmare, a state where you have no voice.
I had walked in this reality until someone introduced me to ScarsToStars initiative, an NGO organization that helps burn survivors and folks who are less privileged and rejected in the society, they took me in and taught me how to live in the beauty of my mind and not of my body.

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