“Guity or Not guity”
“Not Guity” the lawyer said loudly, her blue eyeballs stared at the judge, who was neither impressed or depressed by the tears of Dede, the culprit.
“This case has been adjourned to the 16th of May” the judge said and shifted his glasses, his glasses had stood gallantly on his nose, and everytime he wanted to talk, he adjusted it, and most times he almost scratched his nose, those moustache of his were amost covering his nostrils, even when he sat down one would know that he was a short man, and his coat would have been slimfitted to it’s tiniest, and the sleeves were still accommodating, his voice clear and sharp.
“Arise!” The clark shouted, and everybody rose, the court sighed, Dede has been the prime suspect of a murder at his house, he knew he was guity, but the lawyer kept pleading not guity, he hated it, and the times the case were adjourned he wished he could tell the jugde and the two lawyers that he was guity, but the wailing silence which disturbed his ears wouldn’t let him, the lawyer is a blump woman of about 28 years of age, she has dark colored hair, blue pupilled eyes, a tall woman who seems really adamant for her age, Dede had seen her beauty, when she asked him questions in the interrogation room, he was the only one who saw the beautiful woman with her hair unpacked, she has long hair which makes unfamiliar people think she is an black American. Dede is a 20 year old college student, he’s the kind of man who would gang up on the lecture if he failed a course, most lecturer feared him, he had cuts on his face which made him looked scarier, this time he hadn’t threatened someone, nor has he ganged up on someone, he had committed something he feared the most, he murdered someone.
It was a Tuesday morning, he had brushed his teeth (which was unusual), and had taken care of the room (also unusual) he was expecting Becky her side chick, the morning was unusual and he knew it, maybe it was because Becky was visiting him the first time? Or maybe he expected something else from her? Becky arrived in her ever graceful manner, her short skirts was revealing and her lipstick was fit to paint a house, the gap between her teeth made her smile more inviting, he entered the room, Dede was relaxed on the chair and was in his shorts, they greeted and minutes passed, Dede had prepared a delicious meal which he served, and Becky fell asleep in less than a minute, what happened next were the blurs of a sentence, and guilt and regret served with lust, Becky was dead after he raped her, he remembered he told her about her ongoing operation section, he had forgotten and couldn’t resist the pleasure between her laps.
The court was filled, it’s already the sixteenth of May, he wished he could reverse the time the time Becky fell asleep and kept himself chaste, but somehow he knew he still wouldn’t resist, he had imagined it since high school, and had watched it severally,
“….This court finds you guity and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment, Course arise!” The judge said and started to pack his files, Dede’s family sobbed quietly on the bench, except for his mother who wailed and dashed herself to the floor, he knew he was guity for his crimes, he knew what he needs now is not recrimination but reformation, he wouldn’t turn back, he had promised himself not to look back at her wailing mother, but had promised himself to survive a 15 year jail term, and never be over pampered by a caring mother who led him to jail, his wrist is shackled and led to the prison vehicle outside the court.

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