She had seen what the heavens could not see, she had seen hands shackled from birth till death, she had listened to every preacher of hope but what they say is nonsense, they talk about the heavens opening and seeing the long awaited master; hope, to save them from this slavery.
She is a 16 year old kid, but her stature suggested 24, her dark nose was broken, and blood was streaming down her neck and down to her breast, her cloth was torn, she had survived a rape with less wounds, she wouldn’t fight, (she heard stories of those who resisted) she knelt and sobbed quietly, she hated herself that moment, Mr Collins is a beast as far as she knew, he’s the kind of man who would rape old women and mock them for not being ‘enjoyable’ enough, even his colleagues hated him, she had seen his colleagues’ distasteful look whenever Mr Collins boasted about his manpower over three old women, the poor women would scream until their voice are torn apart, and would sob back to their cage, it is where they are kept, they eat dungs, sleep on dungs, the heartbreaking is when a slave was sick (which happens most of the time), the puke would choke others till they join in puking, the cage is made of wood, and there are spaces between the joined wood, that allows air, sunlight and cold, they were not allowed to go out at evening, except for the men who have gone to work in their farmland, those are the rugged men, women refuse to feed their infants with the fear of them not turning into donkeys who plow the field but eats the grass.
This time it is Isabelle’s time to be raped, from what she learned, her name was not was she was called, The oldest woman amongst them told them that the white fellows had given them those names and had told them to never think themselves as worthy of the name, Isabelle turned 15 today, Mr Collins had complained about her unripe body though, but this night he couldn’t resist the black eyes of the young girl, Isabelle is a slim lady, her agility often decieved the whites in thinking she was ‘ripe’ but she isn’t, she cries a lot, especially when she sees men who had tried to escape and had seen their manhood cut off, so nobody ever dreamed of escaping.
She dressed up quickly and wiped the blood between her legs with her uniform, the uniform was stained but she didn’t care, she knew a day like this is bound to come, she had listened to every word of the oldest prisoner (Iya Agba as she is secretly called), she had also cleaned the blood between others laps, she sobbed into the room, her brother’s whom she called ‘Alani’ instead of Smith hands were tied up, and other men also, (so they won’t escape), the women sat beside ‘IyaAgba’ the oldest woman, it seems she has had her last sex with a white, she had been raped, Isabelle ran towards her, and knelt with tears trolling down her eyes.
“Weep not child! For you have become a woman, and this day shall not last” Iya Agba said, with her sunken eyes getting blurred, she inhaled strongly and let out a strange cough
“Children let me hear our song of hope once more as I depart this cruel earth” It’s the song that they have learned overtime that IyaAgba implied, everybody knew the song, and the song has been their light in their darkest times, and a source of hope to the hopeless.

Everybody chorused as Iya Agba passed away with the hope of a new beginning for generations to come.

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  1. This is sadly-beautiful, let’s sing a song of hope for Isabella and co ✨💫

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