They always said love is blind, but they all lied, love is the one thing that makes your sight clearer and it has been my sight since I met Najeebah.
I was a drunkard who drank till he pukes all his intestine, it was a normal Friday night which is meant for clubbing, I drove into the bar’s compound and as usual I met Becky, the regular woman at the bar who makes depressed people as I am to catch fun, I wondered why I always saw it as enjoyment? We would drink tequila and other strong alcohol together and would lodge into an hotel where we have sex till daybreak.
“Hey! Khalid” she said smiling, and her breast pushed forward, these are the children of Delilah, even if she was, men would still want the pleasure between her laps,
“Hey! Bae!” I replied with a sudden mood swing, I thought marijuana was meant to make people high to want adorable things but I was blown off, we hugged and made into the bar, the music today was unusual but the people there seemed to enjoy it, we drank a lot of liquor and sniffed marijuana with my gang at the bar, Becky was real high and her eyes were blazing red, I staggered to my car, entered it, and drove off, Becky stood afar off yelling, a drunk would know that she was damn angry that she won’t make sales this night.
I woke up on the bed, the bed was more fluffy than mine, I could still hear the loud bell ringing in my head and the sun that crept into the room stood on my face, it was blurry at first but later it became clearer and I knew I have been kidnapped, but why was I loose? Hostages are supposed to be bound legs and hands, I sneaked into where looked like the parlor, it was lit, the apartment faced the sun and the yellow bulb that danced on the ceiling seemed ineffective, a woman came out of a room located beside the dining room, she was dark, her robust hips moved with grace, she was a clean black woman, for a moment I forgot about being kidnapped, I started focusing at the task at hand,
“You’re awake!” She said, and went to the dining, she didn’t even care that I was a stranger, but how did I get in here, perhaps, it would do good to ask her all the questions I wanted to ask,
“What am I doing here?” I said, half-confused and half-smitten
“You were damn drunk which caused a minor accident, but the closest hospital is kilometers away” she said as she gave me a cup of coffee,
“I will be leaving for work, I think you should clean up, you will find your way from here I think” she said as she went back to the kitchen,
“I will” I didn’t know how much I shouted but I knew that I had another acute migraine.

Love is bound to happen when you meet with someone who makes you a better person, today is my wedding day with Alhaytham Najeebah, a young dark woman I had met 2 years ago, I remembered how much I’ve awaited staying before the aisle and hearing the clergy say, “You may now kiss your bride” I didn’t waste much time before I grabbed her waist and kissed her at the presence of our wonderful parents.

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