This street is called desolation where doctors roam the streets with long prickled needles, while pandemic knocks on every closed doors, we stay in our homes to mutter our melodious hyms and longest Psalms.
It is day 19, the situation of the country has gotten worse, it’s a feeling knowing that behind every smile is a faint metal coldness, the confirmed patients as reported is now 75,000 deaths, it’s Armageddon out there, I remembered the last time I snucked out, the night was faint and cold and I was getting fed up with doing the same thing all over again, wake – eat – watch movies – sleep again. I noticed that Papa was fast asleep on his couch and Mama was already dozing off on the Sofa, she wouldn’t notice if I snuck out through the window, she always locked the door in the evening, I and my brother – Emilio could only play in the veranda from 10am to 3pm, the house was big enough though, so we never have the excuse to break the family curfew rule.
Emilio and I had planned to wander off tonight to see the fancy houses and cars and to stare at the bright moon, I stood up, put on my trousers and Snickers and a slimmy blouse, Emilio was already fully dressed, I tip-toed to the window and opened it a little but the night breeze blew it open,
“Benita!” Emilio whispered half-angered and half-troubled, I hated that he treated me with such disgust and anger, he wasn’t much older than I am so he wasn’t supposed to treat me like he’s ten years older, I climbed it and jumped on the roof, he followed suit and we made it to the balcony, ‘the earth is sick’ that was the first thought that rang in my head when I saw the street dominated by decorum, the streets that were used to hearing loud horns and tankers hooting is now desolate, the moon stood there and he looked like a blind man, I guess that the moon’s spotlight was just shining on earth but the earth has lacked its essence.
“What are we to do?” Emilio asked, I liked that he gave me the opportunity to decide for ‘us’ this time, I felt tasked and I liked it
“Let’s see the moon and wish in our hearts before going back inside” I said, half-spirited and the quiet melancholy little tune playing in my head, I closed my eyes and craved for words to say to this moon before I set back to slumber, my head was blank and I wanted to curse this pandemic but still I knew the only thing I could do was to wish and take precaution till this time pass us by
‘when this pandemic ends, I would walk in my cleanest apparel and walk among the elders of sunken eyes, and tell them that I survived, I would go on the highest mountain and proclaim it to the stars, or I would go to school with willingness to learn, when the pandemic that has set homes and families to ruins finally pack it’s luggages to set for the eternal voyage I would smile with joy and not with cold frown riddled in my skin’ the night was a long cold one, what would Emilio would have thought about that he sighed severally and also wept, he was either more emotional or that he thought of the world before now, but I knew that we are going to do a lot of things when this pandemic ends.

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