War was here, and,
How it hugged the globe
Very tightly.
And showed
How hugs can be thugs,
And how mug-drinking fellows,
Calling shots
From behind closed doors,
Dash the hopes
Of grassroots that toil
To harvest the coffee
And potter the mug.

Do we plan
To stunt the growth
Of an already ailing globe?
And make an ‘askor’
To shun
The progress we have made.
And say a ‘meshionu’
To bells
That ding the warnings.
That this war
Will drag us forward
To go back in time.

Let the wife
Start to cherish her husband.
And the husband
Be merciful to his wife.
Let not the loved ones wait
For a later time
To create moments of peace and love.
For since the war is here,
There is no time
There is only now.


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