If there is a darkness that seem like light,
It is found in every love with no divine right;
In every promise that is made feather-light;
And in every time spent devoid of fright;
Of an accountable Day of overwhelming might.

If there will be light in any darkness,
It is found as hope that shimmers in an abyss;
As sweetness despite knowing bitterness;
As giving devoid of the fear of lackingness;
And as faith amidst cluelessness.

For a light that is enveloped in light
It is a heart pure in every plight;
Striving to attain hallmarks of excellent ight;
Submitting to the power from the highest height;
And just light upon light.

  1. But, for the darkness birthed and casted in darkness;
    It’s end is an everlasting sentence to the hottest of all hotness.

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