In the previous article, you  were introduced to the concept of Your Self and You. You were also given three reasons why the mind protects your self and endangers you. As a continuation to the write up, here are two more reasons why you need to always suppress your mind and calm down in order to make rational decisions.

4. Here is a life risking event. During an unfortunate event of accident when there is too much loss of blood, water and any other things that fits into the category of life fluid, the neural message the mind sends to the brain at that moment is for it to “close those eyes and sleep” “to rest that body, to instantly remove it from feeling that torturous pain instantly” that is when you see that weak dilating of the eyelids, the willpower of the conscious you wants to hold on, to hold on to life but when the mind overpowers we all know what happens now. There are two things involved but both serves the interest of your self and not you.

 1.You die! Yes, when you die your self is rescued from the pain of this cruel world. But the you knows that the beauty of living in this life is worth the pain. The beauty of having your dreams achieved, the beauty of loving and being loved is worth every pain this cruel world may give you.

2. You get into coma. This is relatively favourable to you but not totally, I will say it is rather as a result of your strong will to live. Coma is like a factory restore mode of a device. Your whole being gets hibernated indefinitely for the body to recuperate. During this time of recuperation, your loved ones are running around to get you back, your target and goals are indefinitely put on hold, money for better projects are helplessly spent in the hospital to get you back.
Are these two options not cruel to you but beneficial to your self. The mind could have helped you to consciously think about the simple and common first aid tips of applying pressure to the bleeding spot in order to reduce or temporarily stop bleeding and further guarantee chance of survival. It could have further helped you think of the most probably available emergency number or ICE number to call. Would that not have helped so much. Does this not further justify my reason for saying the mind is cruel to you.
5. The last on the list is the root of all suicide, NSSI (Non-Suicide Self-injury) and various forms of mental and personality disorders. Lets think objectively about this, isn’t the mind the cause of all these?
A scenario I will like to use is depression. When you are depressed, for whatever reason it may be, the sane you knows you are in a bad spot. It knows if you don’t seek help or take proven correctional measures you are prone to experiencing disaster that can maim and/or mar you or even end you. But obviously with records of related cases the mind doesn’t encourage you to seek the necessary help or take the necessary steps. It is more inclined to making you think of facing the problems alone, silently bearing the burden, and quietly hoping that one day a miracle might happen and everything will end. But when every hope seem lost and all expectations seem unavailing, the mind suggests the most cruel way to end all, “Suicide!”. Does suicide not end it? Of course it does, for your self as an ordinary body. But is that how the conscious you wants to end it? The answer is definitely, No. The answer is no because you don’t want to end up in shame and maybe earn a few people’s sympathy with your demise. You want to solve your problem, be the master of your life and earn the praise and admiration of people.

Do you now see why I say your mind is cruel to you but good to your self?
Do you now see why I say you should not follow your mind?
Do you now believe me when I say don’t make decision with your mind?especially in dire situations, because it makes you end up, if not in a dead end, you might actually be dead.

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