You might be thinking; What is this guy saying? Why should I not follow my mind? If it is protecting my self how then is it endangering me?
Well, your questions are justifiable just as you will believe my position is also reasonable when you finish reading.
The mind as we all know is one of the things that makes a complete human, when a man is said to have lost his mind, obviously he cant eat with his fellow humans anymore. But at the same time this mind is the hardest thing to control, it takes the upper hand in the control room of the sentient biological machine called human.
Your mind as I said in the headline protects “Your Self” rather than “You”. I think I need to let you in at this point. When I say “Your Self” I mean your body and being as a biological human and when I say “You” I mean you as conscious psychologically and socially integrated person. The following paragraphs are a few scenarios of how your mind protects your self rather than you.

1. In a situation of fear or panic: In the situation where you are really afraid, every action of yours becomes jittery and clumsy, what your mind screams to you at the moment is to run away from that object of terror,it may not even give you the time to think of the feasible means of getting away, you just want to get away by all means. That is when you see some people jumping from a couple of floors from the ground level of a story building just because of a mild fire outbreak. What the mind seek at that moment is to protect your self from the threat but perhaps when you have broken a leg or a couple of ribs after the fall, the now conscious you will remember you should have taken the right fire outbreak safety steps that you might have even taught a few people. You see why you should not follow you mind in the state of fear or panic?
Always try to calm down and be rational when making decisions in a state of fear or panic.

2. In a state of Anger: Especially when it deals with your ego, your mind is always on fire. You get thoughts like: Arghhh! You dare to offend me!! I must hit you today! I must injure you today! Arghh! The earth must swallow you today! You feel like consuming the person wholly. But the reasonable You at one silent corner of your being, knows relationships are fragile and anger reflecting actions are like stones that could crush them at any careless throw. If you are not careful and your mind clouds you (or as they would rather say your mind is clouded by anger) to make stupid actions, your next stop after the anger ride will surely be the regret park. My question is: Do you want to make any actions you will regret? Most likely, No. But is the ego your mind is protecting not part of your self? The answer is obviously yes. Isn’t this one more reason not to follow your mind?
The next time you are angry, weight your stone(anger-driven action) in comparison to the worth of the relationship in question.

 The psychologists call human higher animals, obviously the part that retains the minute trait of an animal is the mind. It is the mind that prompts the body into berserk mode when it sees a sensually appealing object. Even in the most inapt time, place and/or circumstance. So we arrive at the third reason.

3. When you are sensually aroused.  What the mind aims at during that period is to satisfy your self as a biological human, but it does not care if it endangers the socially conscious you. That is why we have pedophiles, people with abnormal sexual preferences, rapist and nymphomaniacs/satyriasist. You are not going to tell me only males are predisposed to these, reality and studies have shown that just as females are victims they can be perpetrators of sexual harassment and even crimes too.
Always keep that dirty mind of yours washed clean with moral or religious teachings.

This is the first part which contains 3 out of 5 reasons why you should not follow your mind without calming down and weighing the Pris and cons.

You can follow up for the next part. 

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