How I Grew Up Only After 20.

How I Grew Up Only After 20.

It was actually becoming an obvious fact to me that my mental growth is not commensurate with my physical growth.
It more than dawned on me some days before my 20th birthday, when I was thinking about why they call 20 a score. Being the art student that I am, I try to give a figurative meaning to the word score. At the end I summed my thoughts up in the following words: “it is a different thing when your parent-especially your dad says ‘that is my child’ and when they say ‘that is my son/daughter”. The former means you are still very young and still under the aegis of your parent- their name and identity, and the latter means you are starting to gain your own footing starting to create an identity for yourself.
‎compare these two statements.
1 – ‎”This is my child he just gained admission to the University of Ibadan”
2 – “This is my son, he is an engineer interning with Dow Chemical”
You feel the difference in the two right? That’s actually how it is. Let me save you the run through of my discovery and tell you how I actually grew up after 20.
There are two things that contributed to my growth since my 20th birthday till now-a couple of months more than a year after-they are: my subscription to the principle of keeping a beard and my intentional decision to keep a girlfriend.
The decision to not shave my beard helps remind me that when you are seen having a beard you are definitely seen as an adult who knows not only right and left but even how to show the younger one his/her right and left. It reminds me that you are definitely not going to get the privileges of a child, but the responsibility of an adult. Your mistakes will not be overlooked or excused for inexperience but will be percieved as incompetence. Your ignorant will never be excused for under-exposure but judged as unseriousness and inadequacy. There are just many things that my beard (although a short one currently) reminds me. So in all sincerity my beard helped me grow up after 20.
The second thing that helped me as mentioned above is the intentional decision to keep a girlfriend. This decision was a long due one because I must confess I didn’t have a valid girlfriend until the last semester of my 4-semester National Diploma Program. This undoubtedly owe to the fact that I doubt if my psychological capability can withstand the dynamics of dating a girl and also I want to be a good boy by facing my studies as mummy and daddy always sang and as my dear uncle explicitly adviced a week before I went for my clearance to validate my provisional admission into the institution. I discovered that by having a girlfriend based on my beliefs and principle, which I assure you is unlike the general dating beliefs and principles of my age group, will actually help a lot in given me the sense of a man, a man who has a woman, a man who is not just living for his own but one who must not fall the hand of his woman. A man who must make his woman proud of him and his capabilities. A man who must have enough charisma to hold down a woman for himself. A man who must hustle so another man, most likely better than him, does not outshine him and take away his woman, his sense of man, his sense of maturity and his sense of being a grown up.
These two things I keep immensely helped me grow up after 20. I started rising early and sleeping late, started thinking before deciding, started planning before doing, started weighing before buying in. I started growing up and becoming an adult.
Here, all said is the journey of how I grew up after 20.

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