My Mother’s Day

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“There are days, there are good days and there are bad days that make good days worthy of celebrating”
And there is a Mother’s Day that
that try to name a day for the celebration of the woman that always makes my day.

Just like Indomie advert, moments can be ordinary, days can also be ordinary.
In fact, for me, the moment my mother smiles because of me is my mother’s moment.
The day she laughs or cry or even does the two at the same time out of happiness because of me is…
“My Mother’s Day”

I have always prayed for this day
to come soon,
to come elaborate and
Be continuous is my major request.
Allah, please grant me my Mother’s Day soon!

The day she became my mother, people greeted her “eku ewu(danger) omo”
don’t you think that is a debt I must pay,
by making these same people greet her “eku oriire (fortunate) omo”?
Will you now join me to say:
Allah, please grant me my Mother’s Day soon 🙏

The day the sweat on her face spoiled her facial makeup, the day my excreta soiled her beautiful brocade,
those days she never minds.
She themed them “Oro Omo”.
I made those days, you know🤨

The days of enjoyment and bliss, in a place of pleasure worthy of Queens.
I think those days are themed “Ounje omo”.
I owe her those days too.

So please join to say:
Allah, please grant me My Mother’s Day soon.

Aderoju Noah T. Optimind©

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