How to Live a better Life

How to Live a better Life

The world comprises of evil and good. Like a pendulum ,It moves to and fro with a cause, some set of people solely believe that this life is evil, some believe it is good and has no hardship in it.  Life has presented itself  as being cruel to some people and has also presented itself as being kind, an avenue to have a pleasing and meaningful existence. Life keeps on going, it has no “permanent” lover, friend and enemy. No one can challenge nor deny its justice, hatred, love and friendship.

Man’s orientation can give insight on how far he would go and if he would have a meaningful life. Some people are misguided with certain orientations, some understand orientation in the wrong way. Orientation is the elasticity of our destiny & man is the architect of his own destiny. Some people live mediocre lives and this is partly due to the kind of work attitudes and orientation they uphold.

In the quest of correcting , cross examining and patterning man’s life , it is important to start from the confines of mentality. For example, some people have the fantastic ability of doing their job alone, that is, they perform better when they are alone. These kind of people might end up with low productivity when it comes to a teamwork. These kind of people do not need to be condemned , rejected or heavily abused. In the process of refining them, it is pertinent to understand the kind of mentality they uphold,  understand them and not judge them. Sometimes life is not always about what is, but what ought to be.

Our Orientations are just like manuals that aids the proper understanding of machines. Orientation is like logic, if we do not understand it, we might not arrive at the validity of life. The only way we can truly change our destiny is by changing our orientation.

Some countries do not have economic, social or security problems, the real problems are the kind of orientation they uphold, their views about life. The politicians and other sets of people should be checkmated with the kind of orientation they have and the principles they uphold, because with this, we can understand their value and what they have to offer.

The absence of good and proper orientations in Africa made the Europeans believe that Africa generally is a dark continent and thus this paved way for Eurocentricism.  This conclusion came up due to their perspective of our lack of technological advancements, social development, and above all else, our flawed overall orientation.

The best approach to judge orientations should come from virtue of its consequences , because the end justifies the means. For instance, one of the major causes of suicide is depression. Depression has taken lives and left many hopeless. Orientation is a potent weapon against depression. People should be more occupied with proper orientations and face the realities of life. The fact that things are not going well or your endeavours always results in an unfavorable way does not mean that you should take your own life!.

One’s orientations can be polished anew through adequate reflections and learning from other people’s experiences. We might think the best of orientation lies with us, but with self reflection we get an entirely different perspective . The fact that things are not going well with me does not mean it will not go well with others. We need to ask ourselves: Are our problems really problems or are they reflections of what ? Am I sad because I lost this opportunity or  because someone else got it instead?.

I strongly believe that no one lacks critical thinking, the difference between my critical thinking and yours is our orientation. However no one has ever attained the highest level of rationale, we keep learning from ourselves. So be humble and take  things easy. Our Orientation are like weathers , not all weathers are favourable, or the same. We just need to understand its tenets or modus operandi.

Finally, I would love to end with one of my favorite quotes by Sun Tzu  “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not to fear the results of a hundred battles” . This quote points the importance of having adequate orientations about ourselves and others. Above all else, proper orientation with good attitude to work helps us live a better life.

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