One love; an illusion or crooked reality


Walking on one of the street of Ibadan, I came across a noisy speaker. Its music beeped into my faculty of reasoning. The music ignited affection, doubt, hatred and love. In fact I was lost in thought and confused but my sanity kept me on the balance. The music continued to dig past memories which made me a victim of its mind games. Unfortunately I lost at the game.

It also inspired hope within me for a positive future, fulfillment and goodness. The music was originated by 2 face, also known as 2 baba. The music “one love” brought different feelings. Repeatedly I ponder over my thoughts, have i ever experienced one love from anyone? Also the slys whom i gave one love got a pure black ink, thus they were all blacklisted.

The family constituted to a larger percentage of one love. One love, this notion has been polluted with uncertainties , to a large extent. It can certainly be affirmed that it does not exist. The concept of one of love has made some people slaves in their own world, they are governed by an external power which could not even govern itself. One love is like a jungle, it can bring the worst nightmare, also it would never fail in giving the best of treasuries. To reach the landmark of understanding, it would be of great importance to understand the concept of Love, also this attempt would reinforce formidable ,unshakable forces and guide us through the path of one love. Whether it exist or not, this attempt is just a mere perspective approach in philosophy. 

Now let’s get it started

What is Love?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as : a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. GOOGLE describes love as the virtue representing human kindness, compassion, and affection, as “the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”.

It may also be described as compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one’s self or animals. In essence, love conotes showing of goodness to one another. The act of loving carries a huge weight, few are ready to make the sacrifices and pay the price. These sacrifices are the phenomenons that makes it seem impossible or possible with up and downs. Love has so many identities , these identities makes it impossible to figure out the real reality in it. It is pathetic and saddening that love itself does not get hurt, it is the victim that feels the pain.

Love, some believes that this is the only solution to every problems and lapses. Yes, they are right in their idea or thought, but few amongst them have forgotten that every solutions came out from the concept of understanding. Now, to a large extent, it can be concluded that it is understanding that exists, not love.

For every cause, there is a cause. Anything without a cause has the greater probability of not surviving. It is only God that has no cause for His existence , thus He can show love for no reason, because He is love, but for mankind, we need to get some elements of understanding or factors that aids understanding before we can begin to love. However, there are some love that require little elements of understanding, an example is Parental love. Thus, love will exist. No one would like his or her pains or sacrifices to be in vain, hence the existence of Parental Love.

Since it has been established that love comes from understanding, there is the need to know what understanding is about.

To understand means we know the meaning of something, such as the words that someone is saying or a language. It also mean to know how something works or happens and behaves. Understanding brings deep relationship. If two parties understands themselves, there is no limit to their friendship.

Understanding will prevent the idea of using one’s convenience to inconvenient the other, thus a mutual agreement would be established.

Love has so many phases. There are various types of love. There is:

1. Agape love/unconditional
2. Romantic Love
3. Love of money
4. Love of wisdom (Philosophy)
5. Parental Love

These are just few phases of love that exists. In the quest to acquire any sort of love, it is of importance to understand one self, because it will sharpen our wants, needs , desires, aspirations, dreams and so on that we clamour for.

In essence, the first step towards “one love” is to love one’s self. Loving one self would attract other beings that are synonymous to us in our nature , and this would bring a broad understanding, with this one love would be established.

For example;
A man who married a lady that comes from his tribe and practices his religion.

The example given above might seem to be bias in nature. What if, the lover comes from other tribes or faith , does that mean they should not get married.
If there are differences, there is the need to “understand” the differences and come to a mutual agreement, if we fail to do so, there is fire on the mountain. The rationale behind this, is that whenever misunderstanding comes up, only the similarities would enhance peaceful co existence. Both would reason in the same thought system or knowledge , there would not be contradictions in the process. On the part of mutual agreement, both parties would have to agree on certain terms, this terms would be a great force that would keep the vehicle of love moving. After all, both parties were fully aware of the consequences.

One love is really a phenomenon that requests for sacrifices, and sometimes misunderstanding has to precede understanding. One love is the aftermath of intellectual, emotional, religious, social , financial and psychological skirmish. One love sometimes comes in form of a purple heart given to worthy, courageous warrior. On the part of illusion, one love becomes impossible from the emotional weaknesses , weakness of the will and inferiority complex. 

Love is also a prototype, carbon copy of ideas that exists, some see their crushes and go through some unrealistic imagination. It is simple mathematics, if there are no “similarities and understanding between both parties”, Illusion would have its way. Love with illusion comes like time, it seems to be static but it keeps moving gradually. Love with illusion will forever wander aimlessly because there are no foundations, or pillars of understanding to support it.

Understanding is the key to every uncertainties, in fact if harm is done in the realm of love, it is better to follow the best of reason and get solutions. Dwelling on someone else experience might get the issue complicated or cloudy. Remember, one man food is another man’s poison, discover your map and follow it thoroughly.

On a final note, it all lies with us, individually the goal of fulfillment lies with us. One love can equally be an illusion and crooked reality, it all depends on the carrier. To be is to be perceived, each and everyone of us should perceive his illusion or reality and make adjustments with reasoning, shieve the thought again. I think therefore , I am. If your thoughts does not bring out the real you, kindly back off from Love.

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